Quotes for life - 10

 Wants and desires:
"In this ever-changing  world, as seasons go by, our  necessities and desires always  also grow in tandem and, sometime, go over the limit. So, it is important to keep them in check".


Flattering people:
" In our daily lives we more often run into obnoxious and nasty people. Among them, more dangerous  than your arch or sworn-enemies are the ones who  flatter you for everything; if given room, your identity will get lost in the barrage of flattery".

Carole Lévy

 No empty coffers:


" When you have  Charity and Dharma on your mind  and when they become ingrained in you, they 'll never make your coffers empty. For a good cause, it is always brimful".


India Opines

"God created the universe,
communities made the country. 
Citizens made the town,  
Husband made the house,
Wife made the family,
Children made the paradise,
Alas! corrupt  and ever-yapping politicians  (natas)
Made our country a hell-hole of mayhem".