Pandalam Mahadeva Temple, Kerala - a place of veneration

Pandalam Mahadeva Temple, kerala. TemplePurohit

Pandalam Mahadeva Temple,situated in between Thottakkonam and Mulampuzha villages (district:     Pathanamthitta) in the state of Kerala, is one  among the 108 oldest Shiva temples consecrated by the great 'Sanayasin Khara Muni'. Located on the left banks of the Achenkovil river,  with one side  in the banks of the  river,  this temple is also known as 'Mukkal Vattom' 3 km away from Pandalam town. It is believed that Lord Parasurama had installed the main idol in the Garbhagriha  of this temple.

The interesting feature of this Shiva temple is the near-by river water touches lower part of the Srikovil of Mahadeva- something like the Ganges flowing downward  from Shiva's 'Jada' (hair). Additionally, the temple has the idols of Lord Ganesh (Ganapathy), 'Maya- Ekshi Amma', Lord Ayyappa, Nagaraja (Lord Snake), Lord Subramanian, Brahma Rakshas and Rakshas and they  are also worshipped here. One can find almost numerous deities mentioned in the Hindu pantheon. So, this temple is an embodiment of Kailasa, the abode of Lord Shiva. 

Pandalam Mahadeva Temple, Kerala. TemplePurohit

 The annual major festival here is Kettukazhcha festival  that is held for 10 days. It is celebrated  in 'Dhanu masa' November–December every year. the festival  commences, as in other temples, with a temple flag-hoisting ceremony- 'kodiettu' and it comes to a close with  'aarattu' The administration of this temple is taken care of by Mahadeva Seva Samithi  in which 12 villages participate. Mahashivratri is yet another major festival Throughout night, there will be pujas, prayers and Koothu ( classical, folk dances, mythological dramas, etc).

In this town of Pandalam , yet another place of venaration is Sri  Ayyappan, a famous place.