Historical Holy cross Church Mapranam , Kerala bestowed with a relic of the Holy Cross

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 India is home to a number of old churches and almost all of them have historical significance. The Holy Cross Church of Mapranam near Thrissur city has a proud place among the Indian churches as it is bestowed with a relic of the Holy Cross. 

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Founded in A.D 928  Holy cross Church Mapranam, Thrissur is one of the oldest churches not only in Kerala state but also in the entire country, India. 
It is also one among the few churches that
received the relic of the Holy Cross (21 September, 1887), part of the Holy blood of Jesus Christ and the bloodstained Holy Cloth used by Veronica to wipe the face of Jesus Christ, all donated from Vatican by the order of the Pope. Worshipers are allowed to experience the blessings of the Holy Cross on the 14th and 21 st of September and on Good Friday. Only a few churches across the globe have this unique distinction. In the history of Indian churches, in this respect, this church has an exalted status.
On the day of  Exaltation of the Holy Cross -14th Sept. every year,  Mapranam Church celebrates the main feast in the name of the Holy Cross.

This place of worship is quite popular and people from other faiths also visit this church for Christ's blessing. It is a part of Irinjalakuda diocese and historically and archaeologically it occupies an important place in Kerala. As at many churches, offering of  candles is the main ritual here and the annual ceremony  called Thirithelikkal (Candle Lighting) is quite popular It  is attended by lots of devotees from Kerala and other states. The unique difference is the candles that are offered here  are big, weighing between one to 300 kg. The offering is done on the 13 th of September. The custom has been that  at least 500 worshippers should light big candles here. Recently around 100000 worshipers lit the big candles for receiving blessings from the Holy Cross. This tradition has been here for centuries. In the past, a 22 foot tall  candle weighing 1,079 kg held the record in India in that year. The Exaltation of the Holy Cross falls on 14t Sept. every year, and on this day,  Mapranam Church celebrates the main feast in the name of the Holy Cross.

The main attraction of this church is an old wooden Cross made in Persian  style which is well polished  and blackened by five metals - Panchaloka.  Set in a beautiful place, north of this church  lie Karuvannur River, the Arattupuzha Temple and the churches of Pallissery and Panamkulam.