Funny quotes, humor, etc - 61

Woman and cat:
''More often women are compared with the domestic  cats in terms of attitude. Just like cats, they are more or less independent and do things that appeal to them very much. Similarly, men are compared with dogs, because they are flexible and make no qualms about anything. Over a period, they get trained to the idea.''
Woman - a riddle:
"Despite my thirty years of research into the woman soul, I have not yet been able to answer the great question that has never been answered: What does a woman want?" ....................Sigmund Freud

Planet without women:
"If women didn't exist, all the money in the world would have no meaning."..........................Aristotle

earth with no women .
''If the earth is devoid of women. all the shining gold, silver, dazzling diamonds and beautiful jewelry and money have neither value nor do the people go after them.  Without women if the planet is quiet and noiseless, gossip-free, jealous-free  and no brawls  among women folks, the life will be boring and dry''. 

Complimenting women:
''If you want to earn the respect and love of a woman, shower sincere compliments. If there is nothing to be complemented, at least pretend that your compliments are sincere."

Lousy Boss:

Bad employer
Bad boss.

Rare to get:

''A good wife: God's gift. 
A good husband with fat bank deposit: A wife's source of joy and pain.
A good employer: A heaven's choice.
A small group of dependable pals: Gift of good environment.
A preacher in the church: A gift pushed out of hell''.
Preacher and heaven
A courageous woman :

''A courageous women will never fail to accomplish her goal even on the verge of her being torn apart.'' Her  positive energy and spirited approach will make her keep going to the point of ordering herhusband run errands for her at the shortest notice.'
Keeping women busy:
''Breeze and wind keep the trees ever busy. So are the gossips and surmises that keep certain rumor-hungry-yapping women busy in the high society. The social clubs provide them an opportunity and an ideal ambiance.''