Nirmal Purja, fastest mountain climber who sumitted six tallest peaks within a month!!

Fastest mountain climber Nirmal Purja
The current record of climbing all the 14 tallest peaks in the world is  almost 8 years. It is a time-consuming and expensive mission besides the climber needs advanced training, physical endurance and  ability to adopt himself to different terrains. Above all he has to be at the right time  to use the weather windows available on the higher mountain slopes. Nirmal Purja Magar, a Nepali has the rare distinction of being  the fastest mountain climber in history. Quite fascinating and inspiring is his ability to climb fast the tough and tall rugged peaks  with considerable ease. Alpine legend Reinhold Messner was the first  to complete  the so-called “8,000-ers” in 1986 after a period of 16 long years  and since then the list has been taken as the standard  high-altitude peaks. Roughly 40 alpinists  tried to scale '14' 8000ners, but many  died before getting the target.
Mt. Everest.
Nirmal Purja Magar, a Nepali soldier turned climber stood atop Mt. Everest  on May 22, 2019.  He had already scaled six of the world's 14 peaks, hold your breath, in a short span of just a month. Indeed a Herculean task, no well experienced mountaineer could ever think of. Quite surprising is his ambition to climb all the 14 peaks in a short period and his target is seven months. On 16 Sept. 2019 Purja arrived at the advance base camp of the Cho Oyu peak (altitude 8201 meter). He was getting ready for the final phase of the last three peaks to prove his amazing physical stamina, endurance and quick mountaineering techniques.
Nirmal Purja, fastest mountain climber

Purja who also goes by the name of Nims dal joined the British Gurkhas when he was in his late teens. Later he became a mountain climber after serving the military for 16 years. He climbed both Lhostse (altitude: 8516 m ) and Mt.Everest (altitude 8848 m ) in a record 10 hrs and 15mts time way back in 2017. This great feat gave this 36 year old man confidence and inspiration  to embark on a tough  endeavor ridden with dangers called ''Project Possible'' scaling all the 14 tallest peaks above 8000 meters in the world  within a period of seven months.  Earlier, Kuluczkca, Polish mountain climber,  took 7 years, 11 months and 14 days  to cover all the 14 peaks (last fastest-known time). Kim-chang-ho, a South Korean mountaineer  achieved this feat less than one month, but he had no supplementary oxygen.   

Purja's 14 - mountain peak odyssey began in earnest in April, 2019. His first target was  8091 meter tall Annapoorna followed by other peaks like Dhaulagiri, Kanchenjunga, Everest, Lhotse and Makalu (May 24; fifth-tallest mountain), and now they are all off his list in a little less than a month. As for Makalu, he chose the normal route using bottled oxygen and accompanied by a Sherpa guide. When Nim scaled Annapurna, on that day, climber Wui Kin Chin, a doctor from Malaysia, went missing. Up on the higher slopes the ascent on Dhaulagiri was quite hard due to bad weather.   The most important thing is Nim  made this great feat- climbing all the roughest peaks in a rapid succession; 48 hours beforehand he had stood on the summit of Lhotse, the world’s fourth-highest mountain. And 12 hours before that, he had stood  atop of Mt. Everest.

The first part of his project having been over, he was getting ready for the second one  A month later he was in  Pakistan where he managed to climb the dangerous peak Nanga Parbat (8125 m; ninth-tallest mountains ). Then 25 days later  he was atop Broad Peak (26 July), his 5th and final mountain peak in his second mission (actually it is 11th peak in his quest for 14 peaks).
Nirmal Purja and Mingma David - Annapurna
In the annals of mountaineering history this ace mountaineer set several speed climbing records this year alone. Purja had offered his oxygen to an Indian climber to save her life in the Mt Everest death zone last spring season.

Hats off to this great outdoor adventurist to whom sky is the limit and he knows how to get there as fast as he can despite dangers and hurdles on the way. Surprisingly, he has the right mindset and courage to do it, leaving behind the odds and setbacks.
''Fastest Mountaineer in History''-,The New Indian Express article dated 18 September, 2019.