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Multicolored Tanager Chlorochrysa nitidissima

When I began publishing posts on my blog  toward the end of 2014 on my son's advice,  I, with hesitation, chose fields such as  Ancient Indian History, British India History  and  Indian  historical Monuments - temples, churches and mosques, besides  UNESCO and Indian Govt. recognized heritage sites. At that point of time, being ignorant as I was, I did not realize that I had gotten into a big ocean trying hard to cross it with a row boat.  Having had a cursory glance at various above-mentioned fields  I realized what I had written this far  was just a drop in the ocean. Please refer to: http://navrangindia.blogspot.com/p/blog-page.html

This vast  Indian country with a myriad cultures, tradition and languages,   and  the  site of one of ancient civilizations in the world,  is dotted  across the states with tens of thousands of Hindu temples, Buddha Vihara, palaces, forts, historical buildings built by the European colonists as well by the Indian rulers, etc. Most of them are quite inspiring and intriguing, in particular, those ancient Hindu temples.   India's freedom struggle  against the British  and the latter's atrocities in India  form  yet another vast field that needs  a lot of  scrutiny.  I an quite aware that  for many  people history is a boring field about  past  events and reading it is a tedious one. Many  would rather escape from the mind-numbing tedium.  That was the reason why I  chose only certain unique topics that would be of interest to them. 
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Incidentally, I do  not have many followers of my blog because I do not promote it, further, I am least interested in it. Being a senior citizen my main intention is  the readers of this blog should find many topics beneficial  to them.   I also covered  certain  general topics relevant to our time .  When  I was  writing on the Hindu temples of TN and elsewhere, I came across many articles in the media on temple mismanagement, misuse of  temple funds, of  temple lands, loss of invaluable historical  metal idols, blatant  thefts of them, etc.  

Likewise I ran into many media reports on rotting historical monuments across India that needed repair and restoration  to benefit the next generation of people.  The surprising fact is with some exceptions, public interest about these  social and cultural  issues related to temple  financial mismanagement, poor conditions of  many historical monuments and other ills in the society is quite disappointing. Only recently I could see a spike in public interest in these ills in the society.  These things made me   slowly drift  into topics  on temple thefts,  restoration of dying monuments, etc. Likewise I felt compelled to write   environmental issues,  health care, healthy living, healthy food, etc. In the future I plan to cover interesting and useful topics within the purview of various fields  related to heritage sites, monuments, etc.,  as mentioned above.

Some inadvertent  typographical errors,  etc.,   may appear in some posts and part of the reason is I do not spend much time on editing in view of my losing patience. I do apologize for such errors and I will try to correct them  as much as possible.  As for paragraph spacing, posting images,  font sizes, major heading or categories etc., I do have problem with the present format and I find it difficult to correct them. Likewise on many  occasions I do have problem with spell check.  My son who is a computer engineer and  a start-up entrepreneur told me that the ''blog format''  had to be changed soon as it was impossible to correct certain paragraph alignments, errors in the categories, etc. 

I have been receiving positive comments from readers and I very much regret my inability to respond to  their e-mail. Anyway,  I would like to thank them for their  comments and interest in this blog.  
Since March 2021, I have not posted anything and the last one was reposted from the old one as I found it difficult to make certain corrections with respect to images, etc. Hence it was reposted. I plan to be active  in the future whenever it is possible. Thank you ..... ...................................

K. N. Jayaraman
2, August, 2021