Pirzada Masjid in Meham, Haryana - this 16th century Masjid is crumbling due to legal wrangle!!

Pirzada Masjid in  Meham town ( situated 30 km.west of Rohtak city) of  Rohtak district, Haryana is a 16th century place of worship. Built by Sheikh Yusuf  during the  reign of  Mogul ruler Babur,  no details are available about this structure and its origin. The inscriptions in the Masjid, supposedly two were not well interpreted, however we 've come to know that during the period of Baber  Sufism gained prominence and the famous sufi saint was  one Pirzada. 
 Entrance in ruins. Pirzada  Masjid,  Meham  ourheritageharyana.blogspot.com
Front view of Pirzada  Masjid,  Meham  ourheritageharyana.blogspot.com

Historians after some research said the inscriptions in the masjid were  in Persian and the structure was built on a raised platform with a square plan  and  four minarets at four corners as in other masjids. There was a dome with a chamber below. The surprising element is there is no  mehrab in the structure, Whether it was wanton omission or got destroyed for  some reason, details are vague! However, the entrance to the masjid was on the west side and appears to be damaged.  The main chamber covers the entire span of the dome that has evenly distributed ribs and tan  inverted lotus flower. on top. The translation of one of the inscriptions is as follows:  ''In the time of the reign of his Majesty… Zahirudin Muhammad Babar. Ghazi Badishah – may God perpetuate his kingdom and his reign the slave of the court of the sun, Through the grace of God Almighty found grace to build the mosque of the town of Mahim- May God Almighty, make him accepted and favoured through His kindness and his wisdom- On the fifth of Rabi’al Awwal 936 AH (7th November 1529 AD)”.
Pirzada  Masjid,  Meham, Haryana picuki.com
This mosque with octagonal ceiling has poor maintenance as a legal dispute is on over the custodians. It seems it has been going on for sometime with no tangible solution in sight. Consequently, this old structure, because of passage of time and vagaries of weather (alternating very hot and cold conditions)  is not only losing its  old glory but also crumbling due to sheer -neglect in its heritage value. The  mosque is in a dilapidated condition from which restoration is a tough one. The structure has big creaks in many places  besides,  the walls are damaged in many parts. The custodians and the government should resolve the legal issue soon and save this old  place of worship dedicated to a Sufi saint. This mosque is close to Chabutra park.