''Dasara'' festivities at Mysuru, 2021 will be almost virtual due to threat of Covid-19 third wave

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Mysore prince on the golden howdah, Dasara festival,deccanchronicle.com

The very mention of Mysuru conjures up few things, mouth-watering Mysore Paagu, tasty Mysore Rasam, palatial  Mysuru Palace and the  annual colorful Dasara celebration in which the  prince, the descendant of the erstwhile ruler traditionally  participates. Since the spread of COVID -19 that appeared in the early part of 2019, countless temple festivals,  religious and public celebrations have been either banned or held on a low key level without any fanfare and enthusiasm.

The annual Dasara celebrations at Mysuru city  attracts lots of tourists from many parts of India as well as from other countries. The celebrations backed by the Karnataka government showcase the past glory, cultural aesthetics and the opulence of the royal Wadiyar family who had  effectively ruled the kingdom for centuries.  During the reign of  Chamarajendra Wadiyar X Chamarajendra Wadiyar X,  Krishna Raja Wadiyar IV  and  Jayachamarajendra Wadiyar, the kingdom had produced a galaxy  of Diwans and notable among them were C. V. Rungacharlu, K. Seshadri Iyer, T. R. A. Thumboo Chetty, V. P. Madhava Rao, M. Visvesvaraya, Mirza Ismail, N. Madhava Rao and A. R. Mudaliar. These and other Diwans helped the ruler run the administration successfully. One among the rich Indian states, the ex princely rulers have never lost their name and prestige and they are being held in great esteem by the Kannadigas.

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That this year also the Dasara celebrationa will not be an elaborate one and it will be as much virtual as possible is quite sad. However,  the Dasara celebrations Committee made an initial decision to restrict the celebration to the minimum in the face of threat from the possible. third wave of Covid-19 that may come in September/October, this year. Final decision will be taken soon, obviously, this year like last year festivities will be simpler  and traditional one like the conduct of the festivities previous year.  The goal is to  avoid crowds.

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The 10 day event will be a 9-day one this year  and all ''Dasara events will be telecast  on television channels''. However, ''a final decision on the number of invitees to witness inaugural and jumbo savari, the finale of the festivities will be taken by the CM.'' - according to the ruling ministry.   The government is particular about Covid protocolto be followed during the festivities.

Atop the famous Chamundi Hills on 7 October  the inaugural function of the festivities will be held. The highlight of the celebration - the finale of the Dasara festivities,  Jumbo Savari, wherein procession of elephants with Royal Elephant carrying 750 kg -golden howdah, is scheduled for 15 October. This time there will be only 5 elephants participating in the jumbo procession. This event, to the accompaniment of various cultural troupes,  will normally take place in the late afternoon covering 6 km route  from the Mysore palace to  Bannimantap. ''This time the Jumbo Savari will be inside Mysore Palace premises.''

Dasara illumination, Mysuru palace. financialexpress.com

With respect to illumination of city roads, buildings as part of Dasara events will not be scale downed according to the government which has allotted Rs. 6 crore (normally Rs. 50 crore will be sanctioned yearly) for the Dasara festivities at Mysuru. Festivities will cover Srirangapatna (20 km from Mysuru city) and also  Chamarajnagar about 65-km from here.

Corona virus has impacted the overall life-style of the people world over. India being the most populous country next to China  with so many festivals  year round, the respective state  government takes serious steps to reduce the impact of this deadly virus on the people. Corona pandemic has taken a heavy toll on various temple festivals and public celebrations like the Dasara.  The hidden fact is countless health care and other government employees including cops  were very much affected.   So  it is the  responsibility  of the people to cooperate with the government and work collectively to stop the spread of this dreadful disease that China had purposely let lose on other countries.


As part of greening the district during the Dasara celebration in 2014 as many as 30,000 saplings of  50 varieties of medicinal plants  were planted  and some  distributed to women at the Women’s Dasara, and to farmers to encourage them to grow them. Some public places were declared plastic-free zones.