Historical Sultan Battery (watch Tower), Boloor (Mangalore), Karnataka

Sultan battery, Boloor, (Mangalore)  Karnatakawikimapia.org/

In the state of Karnataka Tipu Sultan left behind many monuments which still today stand as his legacy. A sworn enemy of the English company and its misrule, he had built a mini fort like structure in Boloor to prevent the entry of the British warships into the interior parts off Mangalore coast.

Located in Boloor, 4 km from Mangalore city of Karnataka the Sultan Battery (also spelled Bathery)  watch tower is an important archaeological site. Constructed in 1784  on the banks of the Phalguni (Gurupura) in Boloor  by Tipu Sultan  of Mysore  to watch the enemy movements in the sea, Mangalore was the main seaport in his kingdom.  It served as a naval outpost to prevent enemy ships from moving upstream the river.  The watch tower came up 15 years before his death. But, now the surrounding area of the site is not well-kept. The top of the monument  shows signs of wear and tear. 

Sultan Battery, Boloor, KA.asibengalurucircle.in/

Sultan Battery, Boloor, KA  asibengalurucircle.in/

This place came under the Portuguese and later Nayaks.  In 1763, Haider Ali captured Mangalore and built a dockyard, to expand his naval power  but it was seized by the British in 1768. In 1794  Tipu Sultan took control of this place and made certain improvements. Upon the death of Tipu in 1799 at Srirangapatna in the final Angelo- Mysore war  again the British  recaptured this part..  

Used to be known as Sultan's Battery, it was constructed with black stones  and the purpose of this watch tower was to prevent the entry of  English  war ships into  the river. The English traders under the East India company used this particular place  to invade deep into the country  via Mangalore with better fire power. Tipu Sultan being shrewd did not want to take any risk with the English so had a structure - a sort of mini fort built to mount his powerful cannons to retaliate the attack from the English side. Now,  a protected  protected by central government of India, it is being managed by  the  Archaeological survey of India Bangalore Circle.

Tipu also  built  underground storage  facilities to store gunpowder, arms ,ammunition, etc. Some historians claim that there is a secret underground tunnel/ route linking this place with Mysore. For various reasons the State tourism department closed the  underground area. 

.Location map, Boloor (Mangalore), Karnataka. researchgate.net

Tipu Sultan had a major dockyard  and  weaponry for the ruler.  Tipu Sultan had special war ships made with brass bottom to avoid rust formation, etc.,  and he used the naval facilities near Mangalore  to intercept enemy warships and prevent them from docking.

His historical place has become a deserted araa now and only recently it is gaining the attention of  tourists to this part of Karnataka.  Boating is slowly gaining popular here. There is an ample scope for introducing various water sports in this area.  Atop the tower, one can have a beautiful view of the blush Arabian sea which appears like a vast sheet of water.  An ideal getaway for people who enjoy nature, soothing sea breeze and tranquility.

Baloor happens to be a popular fishing  area and lots of fishermen live in the areas around this place close to Mangalore city.  Surrounded by thick forests and tea/cardamom plantations,  Baloor is also the base point to approach Edakkal caves. 

8 foot tall barricade, Sultan Battery, Boloor, KA.mangalorean.com

8foot tall barricade, Sultan Battery, Boloor, KA.mangalorean.com

Considering its secluded  location lots of anti-social and vandals visit the site and damage the monument.  To prevent it the ASI put up an 8 foot tall metal barricade around it. It  was put up on a stone masonry foundation post-Monsoon this year. The local people are of the view that the metal fence mar the look of the battery. Protecting the  monuments is more important at present.  Conservationists feel that  barricades or enclosures should ''appropriately be designed in sync with landscape''.