Quotes for life 16 - Funny quotes & humor

Keeping the head straight:

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No sooner has  a man's arrogance, ego and conceit gotten  into his head than his affluence, power and pelf will start sliding down hill and hit the bottom.  Be rich or poor, when dealing with people do not let your head wobble.''
Joy of victory & a pile of 
cross bones and skull:
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'' The triumph of peaceful coexistence' is glorious and resplendent. Its outcome is harmony and peace,  not so in the case of  'triumph of war' - its outcome  is gory and gruesome, death and destruction, and pain and sorrow.  Does it give you happiness  and tranquility when you stand atop the huge heap of skulls and cross bones holding the 'Flag of Victory' ?''
No brooding:
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"Under unexpected circumstances, when fooled or misled or become a scapegoat, need not worry;  let it be borne in mind that great wisdom lies in patience till you make your opponent's face crest-fallen.  Neither  brooding nor taking revenge  will help you.''

Silence pays:
 "Under any circumstances, your best companion is ''silence''(mounam);  be assured, silence never betrays you. No other weapon is as great as 'Omerta' (code of Silence) invented by  the Sicilian Mafiosi."

Zip your mouth:

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'' When we talk, we don' t realize that we are unnecessarily wasting words on people who  deserve our silence;  your most powerful trait comes out when you say nothing by keeping your mouth zipped up''.

Keeping enemies closer:

"When it comes to friendship you may have  one hundred pals, but you can  relay on one or two. According to an Indian ancient wheeze : 'Keep your friends close to you, enemies closer to your heart and arch-enemies closest to your bosom".......... Don't you think that I'm right to keep my wife closest to my bosom?
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