HMS Nabob (US built ) and her brief history
Why was UK's warship HMS ''Nabob'' after  WWII  misused  on its 17th voyage?
Bison Horn Maria, an exotic tribal community of Chhattisgarh, Central India
Historical Khanda and Talwar swords  of India -brief note
Japi,  the traditional  iconic  colorful  bamboo   hat of Assam, NE India,
 Maharajah Fateh Singh Museum of Baroda (Vadodara), Gujarat - housed in a part of Lakshmi Vilas heritage palace
Uthiramerur Vaikunta Perumal Koil and  DMK (non-believers of God)  party's successive election victories
Sivakasi town's (TN)  famous match box industries and their iconography are on the decline for sometime
The Seringapatam campaign  Medals minted  by  EIC In England and  India to mark victory over Tipu Sultan 1799
General  Harris House of Seringapatam, the legacy of early colonial rule in Mysore