A few masonry Nandi sculptures of Tamil Nadu temples
Nandi (Shiva's vahana) stone sculptures  of Kakatiya Temples, Telangana - a brief observation
Ramappa temple, Warangal  with amazing sculpted stone brackets to support extended roof
The 1000 pillar temple, Hanamkonda, Telangana once plundered by Delhi sultanate - now a restored site
Thousand Pillar temple (860 year old), Hanamakonda, Telangana:  an epitome of Kakatiya elegance
Kallazhagar entering the Vaigai river, Madurai  2023 - the festival attracts more people every year!!
Thanjavur ''Big Temple Therottam'' None of local politicians turned up! Is it due to superstition?
 Shah Jahan's 17th-century Jade hilted  dagger with designs inlaid in gold auctioned in New York
90-carat Briolette of India diamond necklace - exciting  auction in Dubai this year
The Briolette of India, oldest diamond in the world - its origin mired in controversy!! _ a brief note
Why does Briolette, the oldest diamond in the world of India origin, attract the rich people?