Expensive  Darjeeling tea, India  is made in the oldest ''Happy Valley and David Wilson Tea Estate''
Glenburn Fine Tea estate, a Scottish company Darjeeling-  now is run by an Indian family for more than 100 years
How did the British Government manage the trade imbalance with China in the 18th Century for vast tea import?
St. John's college of Agra one of the earliest  institutions to have offered LL.B courses in the northern region
The early education under the East India company and first oriental College Ft, William, Kolkata
Politicians as  of this recent election avoided visiting Thanjavur big temple because of  purported curse!!
Thanjavur Big ''temple Chariot'' 2024  - why did the chariot get entangled with electric overhead wire this year?
Thanjavur Big temple Chithirai ''Chariot festival'' (Brahmotsavam) of April 20, 2024
St George's Orthodox Church in Chathannoor, Kerala -one  of  a few oldest 18th century churches in S. India
Kadammanitta Padayani, Kerala's fascinating  dance (Thullal) -Festival date 2024 : April 14 to 23.
The popular and colorful  Chithirai  festival began on the 12th of April, 2024 at Madurai, TN!