Buland Darwaza, Fatehpur Sikri - World's Highest gateway

Buland Darwaza, world's highest gateway, Fatehpur Sikri,near Agra, India - culturalsindia.blogspot.
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 India, being a seat of one of the oldest civilizations in the world, is endowed with innumerable historical sites that were once built by well known Kings, Moguls,  and Maharajahs. They are the silent spectators of the rise and fall of several dynasties. They are the window on the old mysterious  and transient world where historical events keep changing with corresponding changes.

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Buland Darwaza (meaning 'high' or 'great' gate in Urdu), a massive gateway, is situated in Fatehpur Sikri, a deserted city 43 km from  Agra City, India. Mughal Emperor Akbar built it as a commemoration of his victory over the King of Khandesh (now Gujarat) in 1573. Buland Darwaza of Agra dates back to the year 1575 and holds the distinction of being the highest gateway not only in India, but also in the whole world. It is a 15-storied high gateway that guards the southern entrance of the city of Fatehpur Sikri. It took 12 years for Akbar to build it. It is a paradise for the architects

Often referred to as the "Gate of Magnificence," Buland Darwaza is a well designed massive building. As a matter of fact,  the Moguls were great builders of massive building of exquisite beauty and architectural wonder often mixing Indian designs as well. The height of the gateway is 40 meters and 50 meters from the ground and one has to climb 42 steps to get to the gate; 35 meters in width and it is made  of red and buff sandstone, adorned with exquisite carving as well as inlaying of white and black marble. The total height of the Gate above the pavement is 176 ft. The interior place is well decorated and there are inscriptions from the Quran.

In the the eastern archway of the Buland Darwaza there are Persian inscriptions, which give an account of Akbar's conquest over Deccan in the year 1601AD.

An interesting inscription on the central face of the Buland Darwaza brings out Akbar's catholicity and his respect for other religions.

Written in Persian the inscription reads "Isa (Jesus), son of Mary said: 'The world is a Bridge, pass over it, but build no houses upon it. He who hopes for a day, may hope for eternity; but the World endures but an hour. Spend it in prayer for the rest is unseen."

The height of the gate way is quite mind-boggling and it is worth visiting this great monument.


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