1000 year oldest Durgah in S.India founded by Sufi saint Nathervali Hazrath

Hazrath  Nathervali  durgah dedicated to Sufi saint Nathervali, is a historical 1000 year old place of worship situated in the heart of Tiruchirapally, fourth largest city in the state of Tamil Nadu, S.India and is a major pilgrimage center for Muslims.
1000 year old Hazrat Nathervali dargah Tiruchirapalli,Tamil Nadu,India. www.ixigo.com
The_Holy_Gumbaz_of_Hazrath_Tabl-e-A'lam_Badshah_(RA).Tamil Nadu,India. www.aulia-e-hind.com
 This durgah is one of the oldest ones in India and has a beautiful architecture. The 70 foot dome, below which the great saint's interned, is made up of uniformly styled high quality shining marble stones giving the  durgh a majestic look. The dome was built by Chanda  Shahib, a well-known Muslim ruler, who once fought along with the French forces led by Duplex against the British army which was for the first time led by Robert Clive, then a clerk in the East India company office at Madras(now Chennai). 

This durgah is famous for urs festival held every year in August well attended both by Hindus and Muslims.
Hazrath  Nathervali was the first earliest Sufi saint to have brought Islam to southern India. In the early days the saint earned the respect and reverence of the local people of all faiths and settled down in this area. Later he decided to build a mosque here. The ground, where this durgah of great antiquity stands now and surrounding places, were donated by a Hindu king of the great Chola dynasty of Thanjavur.
This big city is well connected by numerous trains and buses.