Do cars in neutral gear move uphill without support? - Leh, Ladakh. N. India

Magnetic hill,Leh,Ladakh,N.India

Our planet has countless  strange and mysterious places where  unreal things  appear  real.  It is nature's mischievous way of taking us for a ride.

Magnetic hill, Leh, India.

One  such  place  is  in Leh  called ''gravity or magnetic  hill'' (altitude 14,000 feet plus) about 30 miles from  Leh in  Ladakh  located on the Leh-Kargil-Srinagar  national  high  way. It is believed  that  magnetic strength  of this  hill  is strong  enough  to  make  cars  and  other  vehicles move uphill even  when  they  are  in  neutral  gear  or when ignition  is off. It is  a  thrilling experience  according  to  many  visitors, but  in reality, it is only an  optical  illusion  caused by  gravity hill. The topography  of  the  place  and  the  surrounding landscape or adjacent  areas  are  naturally set  in such  a  way  that  the  entire  terrain  produces  an optical illusion  to such an extent  that  our mind  is fooled  to  believe  that a gentle  down hill  slope is an up hill slope. The  car  with  ignition  off  is actually moving  down  hill  thus  obeying  the natural laws of gravity, yet  our  eyes  are  misled  to believe  the car is moving  uphill.

In the  case  of  optical  illusion  of  this  kind  in  a place  like  this,  geomorphology  of  the surrounding region  is  one  of  the  key factors; the  other  being horizon - distant horizon  which  can  be  taken  as a reference  point. When  the  level  horizon  is  mostly or  completely  obscured, judging  the  slope  of  a surface  is  difficult  as  the  reliable  reference  is missing. Vertical, tall objects  such  as  trees  in  a terrain  like t his  may  appear  leaning  towards  one side. Here  local  geomorphology  creates  an optical illusion, making  a gentle  downhill  slope  appear uphill slope.

This  Magnetic  Hill  is  one  of the  world's recognized  gravity hills. And there  are  hundreds of gravity  hill  locations  around  the worldIt is a nice place to visit in the summer. This place is endowed with picturesque scenery and can be reached from Manali, a distance of about 412 km. 

Magnetic hill,Leh,India.