Red rain of Kerala,India - Is it God's fury?

Idukki district in Kerala is a hilly area surrounded by tall mountains. Aanaimudi (elevation of 2,695 meters - 8,842 ft), is the highest peak in India south of the Himalayas. It is in the Kannan Devan Hills Village of Devikulam taluk of Idduki district.

This place is internationally known for a strange phenomenon called ''Red Rain''-  seasonal rain coming down  in red color  some times in other colors as well - green, yellow and black. The first incident of Red Rain was recorded as early as 1818. Ever since Idukki and  Kottayam districts have witnessed this unusual sight intermittently accompanied by lightning and thunder between July and September, this place has been classified as a 'Red Region.' Damages to the tree leaves in this district were also reported after the rain. It was a localized happening within a few kilometers and beyond that the rain was normal. Several hypotheses such as cometary, meteoric activities, suspension of minute volcanic pyroclastic  airborne materials from volcanoes and even extra terrestrial activities have been ruled out. At last after several years of work, the scientists came to the conclusion based on the consistent presence of spores in the samples  under electron microscope that the colored rain is a seasonal and localized phenomenon caused by  a particular variety of air-borne algal spores  that  causes coloration in the summer rain.

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In the western culture in the early days it was thought in the red phenomenon blood was supposed to fall from the sky in the form of rain. Cases have been recorded as far back as 8th and 9th centuries and it was considered a bad omen - fore-warnings of some disturbing events. 

Red(blood)  rain,Kerala,India.

  In Hinduism, red rain portends some thing wrong, a sort of bad sign; it is symbolic of the wrath of God, punishing sinners. It is an embodiment of destruction and annihilation. Some believe when injustice, tyranny,  killing of innocent people, etc., go far beyond the limit of tolerance,  anarchy sets in and God's fury takes over from there and ''He'' sends down red rain  and fire  so that the sinners may make amends for their immoral activities. If failed, down comes  God to take revenge  against the sinners.
Many scientific studies suggest  the  red rain is a seasonal local environmental feature primarily caused by algal spores.