Langara simple bamboo musical curtain,Assam,India

Langara bamboo musical curtain,Assam,India.
Tiwa tribal people, Assam
India is home to a large number of tribes with population of about  85 million and 12% to 12.4% in north-east India.The term “tribe” here refers to a group of people that have lived at a particular place from time immemorial following a stable culture, custom and language of their own. The origin of these people goes back to more than 2500 years.
Tribals” are found in almost all the states of country.
Currently there are between 258 and 540 scheduled tribe communities.

Among the tribes, the Assam tribes are of particular interest and, as other tribes, they are highly skilled people who make  incredible handcrafts using dried bamboo sticks, canes etc. Their talent and workmanship is just superb. Assam  forests are rich in Bamboos and canes. Bamboo is a unique raw material of great versatility and forms an integral part of the lifestyle and economy of Assam. The making of bamboo and cane products is done by a large number of artisans scattered across the State. It is a household industry here. Among the bamboo species, the important ones of economic value are the Muli (Melocanna bambusoides), Dalu (Teinostachyum dalloa) are of commercial value. 

The ''Tiwa'' tribal people of Assam, like other tribes are adopted to living in the wet places of Assam that receive one of the highest rain falls in the world.
The Tiwa tribes of Tharakunj village in Karbi Anaglong district  are known to build unique traditional houses that are suitable for wet condition. An interesting feature of their home is they hang Langara - a sort of bamboo curtain made of a serious of long thin bamboo tubes at the entrance. These dangling  long bamboo curatain serves as an
Bamboo fields,Assam,
jerry-built indigenous ''calling bell.'' When someone enters through the Langara, the chime  created by it alerts the house occupants about the arrival of a person. Langara produces sound only when disturbed. The occupants in the house are not disturbed by the pleasant sound created by the moving bamboo poles. The electronic  musical door bells in the towns make such an irritating sound one can't remain unperturbed. When you have a simple, an assuming Langara bamboo musical curtain, your home blends with the nature. No current, no irritating noise and no hassle.