Highly talented Indian Maharaja of Patiala and Hitler's Maybach car!!!

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Maharaja Bhupinder Singh,  GBE ( 12 October 1891 – 23 March 1938 ) was a famous ruler of  the princely state of Patiala, Punjab, India from 1900 to 1938. Shortly before his 18th birthday on 1st of October,1909, the Viceroy of India, the 4th Earl of Minto,  under the authority of the  Crown gave  him full  powers to rule his state  on  03 November, 1910.  

 As a rich ruler, he did not waste his time ever boozing  around and womanizing, just forgetting his responsibility  as a ruler of a well-known state. But at the same, he actively  got involved  in every thing around him  and  the God  had been kind to him. He was an Honorary Major-General in 1918 and Honorary Lieutenant-General in 1931. Besides, he had  such honors  like a representative of India at the League of Nations in 1925, a leader of the council of Indian Chamber of  princes -1926 and 1938 and a member of The Round table Conference, etc. A multifaceted personality,  he was the first to own an  aircraft in India, Not even the Maharajah of Mysore or Indore  or the Nizam of Hyderabad had an aircraft on their own. He was known for his extravagance and his passion for cricket and Polo. He was an excellent cricket player,  played test as well as first class cricket matches and led the Indian team to England on a few occasions.

Equally  sensational  was his  marital life. He out- smarted  Casanova  and  had  ten wives  and innumerable concubines befitting his uncountable honors and medals. However, he was not a sucker for damsels.  In all he had  88 children by various wives,  of whom  at least  53  survived.  Being  an avid collector  of  jewelry,  valuable gem stones, antiques,etc., he was a proud owner of the world famous "Patiala Necklace." He had the special necklace designed and made for him and his family  by the  famous jeweler  Cartier SA. The jewelry had lots  of valuable  diamonds and  precious stones set in an impressive style. His wife Maharani Bakhtawar Kaur presented Queen Mary with a magnificent necklace on behalf of the Ladies of India during the Delhi Durbar of 1911 to mark the first visit to India by any Queen Empress. He was too much endowed with every thing in life an ordinary soul asked for. He had a slew of honors that can not be listed here.

Among the Indian  Maharajahs and Princes, he was the only ruler to have met with famous Nazi leader Hitler.  Adolf Hitler, the Fuhrer of  Germany, was the author of Holocaust that resulted in the killing of several million innocent  people, mostly Jews between 1941 and 1945. He was known to have used the German Classic  car  Maybach in the 1930s and had developed a taste for the Maybach company cars. When  Maharajah Bhupinder Singh visited  Germany in 1935, long before  Holocaust, Hitler gave him audience. Very much impressed by the charming Maharajah, he asked him to stay as his guest for a few days.The Fuhrer surprisingly gifted his  ceremonial car Maybach. The Maharajah was really taken aback by this expensive gift and he never thought that such an expensive and stylish car would decorate his vast garage back home.

Back in India,  Hitler's car Maybach was  in  the Garage  at his residence - Moti Bagh Palace along with other expensive cars including 27 Rolls Royce cars. After India's independence in August, 1947 and  the abolition of special allowances from the government  to the ex-Indian rulers, like many other Royal Families,  the Patiala Royal family sold off their expense collection of jewellery, cars,  antiques, lands, etc to adjust their life style. Having no choice, the car changed hand to his Indian garage keeper; the magnanimous ruler gave him as a free gift. Eventually the famous car went to a private collector in the USA.