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Dancing camel,The Camel Festival, Bikaner,Rajasthan,
. Junagarh Fort, Bikaner | by Anupam

Camel Parade, The Camel Festival, Bikaner,Rajasthan,

Well decked camels,The Camel Festival, Bikaner,Rajasthan,
  India is not only a land of numerous temple  festivals, but also of other festivals such as festivals of light,of harvest, etc. We also have various festivals associated with the arrival of seasons. In the state of Rajasthan there is a unique festival associated with camels. You may call it a camel fair or camel parade. Anyway, it is celebrated on a grand scale in an innovative way and the people participate in that festival with  lots interest, which is very important to make it  more attractive.

The Camel Festival, Bikaner organized by the Department of Tourism, Art and Culture, Government of Rajasthan, annually, either in late December or January is  of  particular  interest to tourists, particularly from overseas. It is conducted in the town of  Bikaner  against the red sandstone backdrop of the famous Junagarh Fort (1588-1593) in the town. 

Lalgarg palace,Bikener, Rajasthan,
A fine display of lot of folk dances and music,  unusual camel performances, camel races, camel dances, and bumpy camel rides are of special interest to the tourists, because it is rare to see  such colorful and fascinating camel festivals elsewhere in the world. The Camel festival of 2015 attracted a large gathering where the color and sound enhanced the wonderful camel fair. The  essence of this Mela is to show the world  how camels are part and parcel of Rajasthanis who live in the desert area and how they are useful to them in various capacities in their daily lives. Further, Camels are a particular favorite with international tourists.

custom designed camel art ?The Camel Festival, Bikaner,Rajasthan,
It will be amazing to see a vast number of strange looking camels, often refereed to as desert ships, lined up on the sandy grounds. The first day hosts the Camel parade or  Pageant where the proud camel owners showcase their Camels decorated in colorful attire and junk jewelry; bejeweled long neck, colorful bridles, colorful images drawn on the skin of camels etc may grab your immediate attention.  You may be interested to see strange features like   milking of camels, parading of critters with beautiful  hair cut, dancing camels that may cut a fine silhouette better than the great American tap dancer Fred Astaire.The air is filled with strange noise frequently intervened by inviting sounds of jingling  anklets worn by the animals.
Participants, The Camel Festival, Bikaner,Rajasthan,
On the second day it will be fun to watch through bread camels with mouth wide open as a result of panting  racing on the hot desert sands of Rajasathan. Perhaps they may challenge the thoroughbreds participating in the Beaumont stakes at  Keeneland Race Course near Lexington, Kentucky, USA.

You may enjoy watching all th fun filled Mala while enjoying  tea and sweets  made from camel milk, of course, you can not miss authentic Rajasthani and Marwari cuisine.

As usual in any festival or Mela  the Camel Festival’s grand finale is an amazing display of fireworks that light up the dark sky of Rajasthan and also our excitement- filled faces. No doubt you will get lost in the exhilarating experience and enjoy  the stress-free fun on the sands of Rajasthan where color makes the life more fascinating. As the natives of Rajasthan we will be tempted to thank those weird looking camels, before leaving the sun-drenched sandy grounds.

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