Historical Jamali Kamali Mosque and Tomb (1528-15290, Delhi, India

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Jamali Kamali Mosque and Tomb, located in the Archaeological Village complex in Mehrauli, Delhi, India, attract tourists and have  two monuments adjacent to each other; one is a two-story  mosque and the other  being  the tomb of two persons with the names Jamali and Kamali. The mosque and the tomb were built  in
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1528-1529.  Jamali  is  the short name of  Shaikh Fazlu'llah, also known as Shaikh Jamali Kamboh  or Jalal Khan, a renowned Sufi saint. He  lived during the  pre-Mogul dynasty rule of the Lodi's, a period from the rule of Sikander Lodi to the Mogul Dynasty rule of Babur and Humayun. Jamali was highly revered.  Jamali, from a Sunni merchant family, was initiated into  Sufism  by Sheik Samauddin. He was a  court poet during Lodi Dynasty rule.  All that we know about Kamali is  that  he  was associated with Jamali.  through out his life. As they buried side by side the mosque is commonly referred to as   "Jamali Kamali" inferring

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The Jamali Kamali Mosque & Tomb is located in the archeological village of Mehrauli Delhi. It was built in the year 1528-29.................
both mosque and the tomb. However, Jamali was buried in the tomb after his death in 1535.

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Considered as the forerunner in the design of Mogul  architecture in India,  it was built in red sandstone with marble embellishments., a typical Mogul architecture.. Among the five arches  that are well decorated,  the center one is the largest with a dome. The arches increase in size toward the center. This historical mosque has a prayer hall with mihrab - niche on the wall  indicating  the qibla 
( that is, the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca and hence the direction that Muslims should face when praying) and    a large courtyard in the front. The interior of the mosque is characteristic of  spandrels of the arch decorated with medallions and  fluted pilasters that enhance the beauty of the arch.The niches and walls are decorated with a few Koranic inscriptions. The second floor of the mosque can be accessed through the surrounding porch.

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The tomb of  Jamali-Kamali  has a well decorated 7.6 m (25 ft) square structure with a flat roof. The ornate well plastered ceiling has Koranic inscriptions painted in red and blue .  Jamali's poems are  inscribed in inlaid colored tiles  fixed on the walls. The tomb has  the  appearance of a  jewel box with steps leading into it.

Mehrauli urban village is 17 km (11 mi) and 16 km (9.9 mi) away from the New Delhi Railway Station and Nizamuddin Railway Station respectively.