Jamali Kamali Mosque & Tomb of Delhi. Is it haunted?

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Jamali Kamali Mosque & Tomb  located (just behind the ever so crowded Qutub Complex) in Archaeological Mehrauli village,  Delhi about 17 kms from Delhi railway station is a major tourist attraction, even though the mosque is non-functional and no ''Namaz'' is done there as per Muslim religious tradition.  

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Built in the year  1528-29, this historical old building is a mosque as well as a tomb and has two distinct  ancient monuments, one that of Jamali, alias Jalal Khan as well as Sheikh Jamali Kambali, a well known Sufi saint and the other is Kamali, the saint's close associate about whom no details are available. An interesting fact is both were laid to rest side by side after death on the same premises in the building. Jamali seemed to have been buried  after his death in 1535. Because of two tombs in the same place, this place is commonly called Jamali Kamali mosque.  The stairway is locked , so is the durgah. This place is in dilapidated state and can be restored back to old glory. 
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World over there are numerous stories on haunted places, featuring several alleged paranormal encounters, including traditional haunting, demonic activity, ghost attacks, possessions, and cryptic visions. There are various accounts of paranormal experiences at reportedly haunted and mostly residential as well as historical locations. Invariably  certain old graves, historical tombs or  monuments  top the list because they are nor frequented by people. because they remain isolated  and gloomy, over a period of time. Consequently,  people attach some kind of weird stories on paranormal activities  there and such places are widely discussed in the local media. This way they assume popularity. It is not worth while going into the veracity of such reports on the sightings of some visions that may either baffle our mind or may go beyond our comprehension.
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There is no wonder some historical places in India  that are purported to be  haunted by some paranormal forces  are fodder to the media and the sensational news hungry public. This historical mosque is classified as one of the haunted places in the Delhi area. The visitors throng this place during the day,  after Sun down one could see gradual decline of visitors.  After darkness sets in, an  eerie, unearthly, feeling takes over our mind that experiences anxiety. The newly -mowed  garden  poorly kept surrounding areas and the gloom  increase our hesitation. The scenario of the mosque that appears isolated and serene  during the day changes as the surroundings are plunged into darkness. There are reports of sightings of  strange things happening there.  Sightings of lights, mystifying, baffling growling of  dogs  chasing through some undetectable sight, apparitions as well as other faint weird sounds, etc  are frequently reported.  It is said that in the Dargah part that  is locked, if somebody at night is trying to intrude will get a good slap by get  by jinns. Some people say they 
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get the feeling that some one is standing  either close to them or staring at them. After darkness people are not allowed to visit this place for various reasons, one being that there may be some kind of haunting!!

Even a rationalist will  agree that there are some unknown forces - may be paranormal or weird things about which we can not come up with convincing answer.