Haunted palace, Shaniwar Wada Fort, Pune, India!!

Haunted palace, Shaniwar Wada Fort, Pune, India rahulbemba.blogspot.com

There are  many strange  places  including some  historical  monuments of considerable antiquity across the globe  that are shrouded in mystery and the source of mystery in those places is a controversial one.  The idea of the existence of a force far beyond our world is found  in all  cultures,  following  different  religions. Though the  belief has  been around us for a long time, a proper scientific explanation is not  yet available.  India being an ancient land,  has lots  of  historical  monuments,  dating back to centuries and some of  them are  classified  as  haunted. These  places seem to witness strange sightings of  blurred images or bright light moving across the place, apparitions of women with disheveled hair,  coming out of the house in white dress, or eerie voices, scary wailing, moaning (may sound like Bollywood or Kollywood ghost movies) so on and  so forth. For centuries  humans have a strong belief in black magic, spells ghosts,  paranormal activities, etc.  No doubt such places gain notoriety  and people  are anxious to visit them during days and avoid visits after sunset. A night visit to such scary  places would give them goosebumps or the runs.  The general consensus  has been that one can not discard them as figment of  one's imagination.

Haunted palace, Shaniwar Wada Fort, Pune, Indianeeshu.com

Shaniwar Wada fort built by Peshwa Bajirao I, prime minister to  Chattrapati Shahu, King of the Maratha empire  during the period  1730 C.E to 1732,  is a well known tourist place near Pune, Maharastra, W. India. This  massive fort covering 625 acres of land with several bastions and gates, was once the seat of the Maratha power.  It is  also  one  of  the  most haunted places in the western part of India. At night after 6 PM people are not allowed to enter the fort and  guard has been posted there to prevent the people from trespassing on the historical ground. 
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According to local  belief that on  full  moon  days,
the fort comes to life by the presence of some  paranormal  activities.  Several  people   claim  
that the fort  turns  into a  place of  horror  and disquietude, and  they  have  heard  the shrieking sounds of a 13-year-old boy in the dead of  the night apparently  signaling that  his life  was in danger. They hear a strange sound '' Kaka mala Vachwa'' (uncle save me).

Far beyond the majestic walls of  Shaniwar Wada   there is  a tragic  story  behind this strange sound coming from the fort on full moon days.   In many  royal families  of olden days behind the portals of power there existed shadow  activities  such as assassination of legal heirs, betrayal of trust, greed for power, whistle-blowing, etc.,  and they were accepted as part of a ruler's   life.  Upon the death of  Peshwa  Nanashaheb in the third battle of Panipat,  among his three sons   Madhavrao ascended the throne, unfortunately, his brother Vishwasrao   accepted death  in  the  battle.  Madhavrao,  unable to  bear   the  pangs  of  his brother's untimely  death became dejected and later died. Now  Peshwa Nanashaheb' s third son, just  13 years of age,  
was  eligible  for   the  throne, As  he was a minor,   his uncle  Raghunathrao  was running the state


on behalf of young nephew. In 1773,  Narayanrao, who was the fifth and ruling Peshwa then, became a victim of a plot hatched by the wife of  Raghunathrao,  Anandibai, a jealous woman.  On the full moon night, the assassins from the hunting tribe on orders from  Anandibai, entered the Chamber, where Narayanrao  was sleeping. Upon seeing 
the assassins, the young prince  ran towards his uncle shouting  ''Uncle save me"(in Marathi : ''Kaka mala Vachwa'. He was brutally murdered by them, hacked into pieces and then dumped in the near-by  river. The other version of the story is that both  Raghunathrao and his wicked wife Anandibai, wanted the boy eliminated soon and, upon their orders, this most heinous crime was carried out on the palace premises. 

Since that gory murder  the  young Peshwa Prince's  spirit  has  been a restless resident there,  strangely  shrieking  every  Moon night

Haunted palace, Shaniwar Wada Fort, Pune, neeshu.com

hoping he would be saved one day from the clutches of death.