Heritage church (1869) - All Saints', Pune.

All Saints' Church, Kirke, Pune. India. travelogueunlimited.blogspot.in
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All Saints Church,  that was established in 1869,  served as a church for the British soldiers of Southern Command and is considered as A grade heritage structure.  It is  the most beautiful stone structures with beautiful wooden ceiling constructed in the Western India region. This place was  an important  military center of the British. The church was built on the government land and the construction was  mostly done by the military people.  It is said that important military officers like the commander in chief of the southern command, the governor etc used to offer prayers in this church. Initially known as Christ Church,  it  was enlarged in 1845 and  a new church was built in 1866.  About changing of name, no clear records are available, however, the general  presumption has been that the building was inaugurated on November 01, which happens to be the All Saints' Day the world over; hence the name.

All Saints' Church, Kirke, Pune, India . travelogueunlimited.blogspot.in

This  Church,  consecrated by Bishop Carr,  was  built in 1841 and  it is 150 ft long from east to west and 75 ft broad at the chancel.  Over  the  west  door  are   two regimental colours of the 23rd Bombay Light Infantry. There are some notable memorial tablets and brasses erected by  regiments to officers and men who died  on service  in  India. Note the plaque to the thirty officers of the 14th King's Light Dragoons who died or were killed in action between 1841 and 1859. The remarkable aspect of this historical church is it still maintains well the age-old annals of baptisms, marriage and death from 1854 continue to attract people from across the world, in particular the Britons, who often visit the church in search of records of their long-gone ancestors. Further, The church  witnessed as many as 2,132 baptisms between 1837 to 1937.  About the history of the church, according to  Laffrey,  secretary of the Church as many as 62 chaplains or priests have served here since 1854.