Kumarakom, a land of enchanting beauty, Kerala

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 A holiday trip to Kerala, particularly, in places dominated by back waters will never disappoint you. It is a different world out there, a paradise in the cool shadows of swaying dense trees and groves, with beautiful back water forming the back drop and the distant Sun making them radiant. The beaches are picturesque, a perfect place to relax your mind and heart.
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 Kumarakom, one of the popular sites of Kerala is  near Kottayam - 16 kilometres (10 mi). Set in the backdrop of the Vembanad Lake, the largest freshwater lake, it is  bird watchers’ paradise because it is a favorite ground intended for migratory birds.  Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary stretching about 14 acres  is a noted bird sanctuary where many species of migratory birds visit.
 Kumarakom is  a tropical paradise and has vast expanse of   mangrove forests, paddy fields and coconut groves.  Peraycka (Guyva), Pineapple, Mango, Jackfruit, Ambazhanga,Puli (tamarind), Banana, etc grow here in plenty. Because of the presence of a long stretching bund built long ago,  the sea water does not get mixed with back waters. Canals from the nearby  Meenachil river provide water for irrigation. The canals are lined with hibiscus plants that lean towards the canal on either side,  forming a canopy and the hanging  lovely hibiscus flowers enhance the beauty of this enchanting place.

The economy of this place is mainly dependent on agriculture and tourism. This place has a variety of  houseboats and is internationally  well known  for quiet houseboat ride in the vast expanse of back waters far away from the hurried world and urban madness.

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Kettuvallam (house boat) has been in use for centuries  by the local people to go fishing or to transport  agricultural produce, goods, etc. This kind of boat was widely used  as far back as 15th centuries  by the natives  to transport spices, etc from interior places  to the nearest seaport on the western coast to be exported to foreign lands. There are other kinds of  impressive  wooden boats such as  Kochu-odi Vallam, Odi-Vallam, Iruttukutthi Vallam, Churulan Vallam and Chundan Vallam(Snake Boat). They come with different shape and size with provision for specified number of oarsmen.  The are mainly used for boat racing during the famous Onam festival that falls  in the Malayalam month of Chingam (August - September). More than 1000  trained oarsmen in boats of different sizes and shapes will actively take part in the events. Among the boats, Snake Boats  are the main attractions. However, in this part of Kerala,  Iruttukuthi boats with about 50 oarsmen row are widely used. It is a great sight to see several boats racing at the same time with  oarsmen rowing with all their might  to win the race. 

If one needs peace and tranquility and be free from monotonous and mechanical life  Kumarakom is the right choice. A joyful ride in the Kettuvalam in the back waters  offers everything that you need to relax your mind - an opportunity wide open in God's own country.