900 year old St. Thomas orthodox cathedral Kannamcode, Kerala

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Among the Indian states, Kerala has the largest number of churches and many of them are pretty old - dating back to  2nd  and 3rd  centuries AD. St. Thomas Orthodox Cathedral, Kannamcode is one of the oldest ones in this state.

St. Thomas Orthodox Cathedral, Kannamcode, a very old Church in central Travancore, has a history of approximately 900 years, belonging to  the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church under 'Adoor-Kadampanad' diocese. Kannamcode. At Kadampanad the age of early Christian community dates back to 4th century A.D about two centuries  later than the arrival of St. Thomas on the Kerala coast.  Prior to the building of this church, the Christian community had to depend on near-by churches - Thumpamon Orthodox Church and third Kannamcode Cathedral to full fill their Christian services and spiritual needs. The people had to walk quite a bit of distance  to attend church services and return to their village and it appeared to be tedious.  Upon getting necessary permission and support from the local Hindu kings of Kayankulam, at last, a church came into being  then called ''Veerappillil Yakoba Pali", later renamed as Kannamcode  St. Thomas  Orthodox  Church. The same church is presently known as Kannamcode  St. Thomas Orthodox Cathedral.

The church has the mortal remains of the revered Philipose Ramban (he died in 1811) who was mainly instrumental  in the translation of holy Bible into Malayalam. Hence, on 26 th of the Malayalam month of Thulam every year,  his anniversary or Sardha Perunnal is observed with absolute devotion and faith. Tradition has it about 100  copies of Bible in  Malayalam is given to Malankara church.  The cathedral has two chapels, one in Kottamukal, and another being at Pannivizha. It also has three Youth Movements and four Sunday Schools.

The church has the unique distinction of having been visited by  Parumala Thirumeni - H.H.Gheevarghese Mar Gregorios of Parumala  in the past and, on several occasions  led  the Holy Qurbana. The bed he used during his visits  here is  carefully preserved and kept as a relic.

Kannomcode Cathedral is an important place of veneration and worship in Adoor and is being visited by lots of people for payer, worship and participation in church related functions.


01. Adoor town  accounts for a large population of Syrian Christians and the interesting aspect is here Christianity in this locality has a pretty long tradition of more than a millennium and a half years, beginning from the village of Kadampanad.

02. The earliest Christian settlment dates back to the 4th Century AD during the establishment of Kadambanad Church.