Peacock throne of Mogul now in Turkey!!

"The world, where we are living, is a transient one; what is today may not be there tomorrow; the vast riches that make the owners head swollen, may not be there for them tomorrow."

Any Indian visiting Turkey's Istanbul's  Topkapi palace built by order of Fatih Sultan Mehmet (Ottoman Sultan – Mehmet II) will be aghast to find an Indian style golden peacock throne .  It was gifted to Ottoman Emperors  by Nadir Shah (
ruled as
Painting of Nader Shah, he was Shah of Iran from 1736 to 1747, he created the Afsharid dynasty which was an Iranian empire of Turkic
ruled as Shah of Persia :1736–47) who looted the Mogul rulers treasury and other treasures  in Delhi during the period
February and May,1739. Indeed, it was a great blow for the Mogul dynasty. The  custom made throne actually belonged to Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan who built the Taj Mahal.
Painting of the (later) Peacock Throne in the Diwan-i-Khas of the Red Fort, around 1850.
. Peacocck throne in  Topkapi palace.looted from Delhi, given as gjft to the Ottoman rulers.
The throne, a high-edged table resting on four legs  is a lovely example of Indian artisans' artistic talents, imagination and workmanship  that  is replete with minute details. The lower stool in front of the throne is meant for the ruler to rest his legs on it. The throne has a  cover with a cushion decorated with gold braid and pearls.  Gold, with a red and green enamel wash and decorated with rubies, emeralds, and pearls adorn the entire surface of the throne. This throne is a part of the spoils of generations of ottoman conquests and spoils from as far as Austria to Morocco. One  Kemal Attaturk, overthrew the Ottomen who immediately fled the country,  leaving behind all their valuable jewels and treasures which they guarded  with great pride. This helped  the Ottoman jewel collection of spoils survive intact.

Soon after the loot in 1739 in Delhi by Nadir Shah ,  a notorious tyrant who pludered Delhi and other places, including numerous Hindu temples  took his spoils to Iran. His spoils included several thrones - may be nine by the Moguls, and the famous  Kohinoor diamond. Besides, he massacred hundreds of people and made the Moguls bleed. Now the vast Mogul coffers were empty, not even bottom dollars! Subsequently Nadir Shah, back in Iran,  was assassinated. After his death the Peacock throne was broken down and  damaged. In the Mogul empire , instead of Gold,  silver throne just like Peacock throne, was used till the time of last Mogul ruler  Bahadur Shah Zafar. The Sepoy revolt of 1857  was a great opportunity for petty British military officers to ransack  the spoils of war.  After the recapture of Delhi, British took away all the reaming valuable treasures. The broken down  pieces of  this silver throne became war trophies for the British.