Funny quotes 07

 Gray hair and graveyard:

Gray hair.

"The tell-tale wisps of gray hair on our head  are not 

a sign of wisdom, rather they foretell us that we 

have  just crossed the middle age,  and the  God  

above us has just begun to dig a grave for  his 

blessed ones for their final  eternal resting place." 

  ...... a message in the office of an undertaker in a small  US  town.

Intense infatuation.

  "There is no human on this earth who does not 

experience infatuation. If he or she denies it, it is 

nothing but a plain lie. Come to think of it, 

Infatuation is nothing but temporary insanity laced 

with  unstable romantic stupor."

Bull and infatuation

 The rich and the poor:

The slave and the master.

"Neither  give a promise to the poor and be a 

master to those miserable souls, nor take a loan 

from the filthy  rich and be a slave to them - always 

at their beck and call."

Slave Master cartoon
Taking loans:
"When it comes to taking a loan, it is better to go to 

bed hungry than get up following morning with the 

fear of uncleared debts and the frightening sight of 

unscrupulous money - lenders  knocking on the door." "