Funny quotes 08

A message on the Hell-gate:

"We  warmly welcome  our new guests from Indian 

politics to our eternal abode.   sorry for the 

inconvenience, presently our Hell is full of Indian 

politicians. Please move over to our temporary camp 

near here. We are constructing a special  building

called  Hell-Mole with latest gadgets exclusively 

for Indian politicians  for special treatment 

(punishment!!) worthy of them."
Devil in hell.
Blind alley:
"Waste not your time on trifles such as endless 

criticisms, etc., from people or relatives around you. 

It is hell of a job to shut their ever-yapping mouth 

that works over time. If you try seriously  it will get 

you nowhere but to the dead-end of the road."

One's limited ability:
"It is nice to have great desires but, one's sky-high 

desires should not go beyond  one's  physical or 

mental ability or capacity. How  can you 

expect  a man with just one functional  hand 

and one leg to try bungee jump Is it not foolish?
Bottom dollars:
I love feeling the morning dew on my bare feet!
"When sitting idle, doing nothing to make a living, 

the last coin in the coffer will disappear, faster than 

the early morning dew."