Funny quotes 11

Cheat and the victim:

"The oppressed  suffers more than  the oppressor, 
The cheated  suffers more than the cheat,
The grifted  suffers more than  the grifter,
The victim  suffers more than the  perpetrator  of   
The tormented suffers more than the tormentor,
But, when the culprit faces the divine dispensation  
of the God,  alas! the victims hardly ever stay alive 
to see the sinner go to the slammer or gallows!!

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Court and senate houses:

"In the  courts, justices have to develop special 
skills to deal with perpetual liers and flayers."
No places on this planet are as conducive to telling 
lies, half lies and giving false statistics / witnesses  
as various  courts of laws, Parliaments and Senates
 Inseparable gold and women:

compatable couple ?

 "Gold and women  are  by  created by God to keep 
the men folks apart."
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