Funny quotes 01

A married man's lament:
Beautiful, delighted woman
Nagging wife, a good
Moon light: I never knew until I saw her cool  face;  

Eyes of deer: I never knew until I saw her bright, 

big, charming  eyes; Loveliness: I never knew until 

she smiled at me like a blossoming flower; Melting 

of heart: I never  experienced until she held  my 

hands with affection; Euphoria: I never experienced 

until she spoke to me assuringly like an  heavenly 

Dragon fire.
Volcano : When I told her the girl across the house 

was beautiful (just for fun), I  never saw and 

experienced  until she frowned  and exploded on me 

with a  powder-keg temper. Now I feel  like an 

helpless man, standing before a Chinese dragon, 

spewing out fire and brimstones.

George, now I am heading  to an Himalayan cave to 

become a saint to get freedom and salvation through 



VIP hell.
Heaven and Hell.
"Hell  -  the place where, strange bed fellows, ever-yapping evangelists and other  religious preachers discuss God, sins and the blessed ones -  are forced to swallow what they had preached on earth;  Hell  -  the place where crafty politicians discuss quorum, quick bucks and summer mansions (made from  boodles - ill-gotten money they had made on  earth);  Hell -  the place where mad mothers-in law and transvestites  feel sorry for the  their  sins  committed on earth." 

Hell for