Funny quotes 14


Bitter half.

"Thank you buddies  for the first anniversary 
wedding  gifts. Please don't bother me by asking
the same question: How is your married life?  My 
answer is  as simple as an apple pie. I am leading a 
bitter life with my bitter-half in a bitter year."

   ....... a message on the wall of an IT professional in his office in Bangalore.

Code of silence:

Omerta .
 "There is a nice way to keep away from trouble if 
you happen to work in the midst of badmouths, 
gossip mongers and intemperate and yelling bosses. 
Practice "omerta"- the code of silence of Sicilian 
mafiosi. If you make this practice perfect, you will 
never land in trouble."

 Wrong tagging:

Communist party of India.
"If I lean toward this side, I am branded as a leftist 
(left communist party of India). If I support the 
other side. I am  tagged   as  a rightist (right 
communist party of India). If I tell them I am as 
straight as an arrow, the media people take a dig at my sexual orientation"..
..........  lament of an Indian Communist party leader

CPI(M) Kerala crisis.
Beauty queen:
"The competing bewitching beauties  at a beauty 
contest are creatures of artifice and farce, far from being natural. As for transvestites,  they are nothing but creatures of insanity, and ought to be caged in the gorilla section of a zoo".      

 ............ a grandma telling another grandma