Funny quotes and humor - 18

A message in the  Marriage councilor's office:
"Don't be afraid and  run away from the marital heart burns. 
I will  help you tackle your  errant wife, who gives 
you lots of pain from the top of your  head to the callus 
underneath  your feet".
Indian political scenario:
Indian democracy has been pushed to such a low level
since independence  whichever party comes to power,
it will be:  "Government of the politicians, by the politicians 
and for  the politicians". 

Politicians and poor Indians.
Woman's fury:
Woman and a twister.
"Nature's  fury - tornadoes and hurricanes as we all know are seasonal and we can face them well prepared.  As for mad, 
jealous woman's anger and and intemperate behavior, one
will be caught unawares and does not know when 
it'll happen next".
twister and whorls of anger.

After effects:
Man and the booze
"The after effects of both intoxication and 
infatuation wear out much faster than the puddle of 
water on the ground that vaporizes quickly under the hot
tropical  sun"
High on drinks.