Portuguese built St. Anne church, Goa

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The Church of St. Anne ( known as Sant’Ana or Santana Church) at Talaulim (about 10 miles from Panjim, the capital of Goa), is a religious monument located in the Santana district of Old Goa, India. The place is about seven miles from the old capital city, Goa Velha, home to the Churches and Convents of Goa, inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage list  It was built in 1695, by his  Rev. Fr. Antonio
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Francisco da Cunha. 
Construction of the Church of St. Anne  began long ago  in 1577 by Monsignor Francisco de Rego (1681–1689). The church is famous for its colonial Portuguese Baroque architecture. 
After independence many of the  historical Goan churches were taken over by the ASI. Though the church of Anne was declared a "national monument" during the Portuguese era  as per Government Portario No. 1360 of 31/3/31, it was not well taken care of and was in a dilapidated condition as a result of vagaries of weather, ravages of time coupled with human neglect. It was in 2007 major repair works were carried out urgently with help from the Goa government, thus the legacy of Portuguese rulers is restored back to old splendor and beauty.
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The church is associated with an apparition. While the church construction was on, an apparition had happened here.  An elderly villager by the name of Bartholomeu Marchon, had a vision of an old lady wearing  a hat and carrying  a staff in  her hand. The old lady  told the villager that the Church under construction was her home and she decided to stay there. A smilaapparition took place in anther place. A miraculous celestial lady anointed a rich, but sick Brahmin woman who was facing near death. Surprisingly she was cured of  serious ailment. As a token of gratitude to the divine lady, the old woman embraced Christianity. The news of apparition and the cure of the woman from dear death spread over the village and the local priest declared that it was a divine apparition and the church was consecrated in honor of St. Anne. In July, every year, lots of devotees come to the church to celebrate the feast of its patron saint, Anne.

One can see high up in the transept facing the sanctuary,  a relief picture depicting the scene of St. Anne with a staff in hand and wearing a hat as seen in the apparitions.