Funny quotes and humor - 20

To be alone:
Lonely souls in the grave.
Nice tp be alone, hate to be lonely
"Considering the fact that we meet all kinds of people in our lives, 
choosing the right person as our friends has become a tough job. 
 As such, I would rather be alone, starring at the ceiling in my house than in the company of lousy, bad people. Why take risk?"

Spiritualist and his safeguard:

Swamiji and black money.
"We, nowadays, run into fake God men and  preachers of 
spirituality. For them religion may be the best armor to save their 
head and  soul, but  it is the  worst cloak to cover their immorality of cheating the innocent people. "

Swamiji refusing to take Narco or polygraph test!!
 Beggar and the broke:

Beggar and mobile
"The difference between a bankrupt and the beggar is the, former 
is  without a panhandle and the latter is never  bankrupt, but with 
a panhandle to rattle and a mobile phone to chat."


Financial  and moral  bankruptcy.

Bottomless wallet:

Man with a wallet
 "A politician's wallet is bottomless, so is  beggars' purse. It can never be filled up to the brim.".