Historical Timangarh Fort, Masalpur, Rajasthan

The Timangarh  Fort, near Masalpur,Rajasthan www.flickr.com
The Timangarh  Fort, situated at a desolate place near Masalpur sub  Tehsil headquarters  about 40 kms from  Karauli, Rajasthan is a famous  storehouse of ancient  Ashtadhatu  and stone idols and sculptures of great antiquity  hidden underground near the various temples located inside the Fort complex.  
Timangarh Fort, Kaila Devi Temple, Madan Mohan Ji Temple, Mahavir Jain Temple and many other historic structures. The City Palace is an epitome of the ...www.indiatourism4u.i

Timangarh Fort  is a strategically built structure and was once part of  the Princely State of Karauli, 40 kilometers from here. The  Fort is believed to have been built around 1100 AD and reconstructed in 1244 AD by Raja Timanpal of Yadu Vanshi, the scion of Vijay Pal, the Raja of Bayana. Before reconstruction the fort was partly damaged. The name "Timangarh"  has close links with of Raja Timanpal's valid contribution. Overlooking this historical village is .
the beautiful Sagar lake. 
This fort has numerous ancient idols and sculptures. One can find  thousands of Astadhatu and stone idols of the Hindu gods and goddess inside the Fort complex. The stone carvings have religious and aesthetic values. The geometrical  and flower designs  of  some of the most exquisite ancient art works on the rooftops and pillars are quite appealing.  Other eye-catching features  observed on the ornate pillars are the number of  gods, goddesses and their villainous  opponents. Some of the  pillars that are adorned with such beautiful carving are damaged and they are the handiwork of vandals and anti-social elements. Smugglers and illegal traders  who used to frequent the inner part of the fort are a menace to  the society and  many of the  idols  were stolen and smuggled out India. The idols represent Hindu, Jain and Buddhist religions. Among the idols   Lord Ganesha and Lord Vishnu were the favorite subjects of the sculptors and the idols were safely stored in a bunker like structure in the past - several hundred years back. The presence of  uncountable mixed iron-metal pellets on the hill suggests that this place was once a major center for making metals and  war weapons.

The idols unearthed on the temple premises are said to be 1000 plus years old as suggested by the engravings. Once under the control of the Mogul, this fort had 5 entrances earlier and additional gates were built by the Moguls. The  entrances at the Fort have the markings of Mogul construction.  The interiors of the fort  have remnants of an ancient township, complete with  palaces, temples, bazaars, and houses and during the Muslim occupation they were not altered or destroyed. The Fort  was under  the  occupation of  Mohammad Ghori's forces from 1196 to 1244 AD after the Second Battle of Tarain.
... Timangarh Fort, Kaila Devi Temple, Madan Mohan Ji Temple, Mahavir Jain Temple and many other historic structures. The City Palace is an epitome of the ...www.indiatourism4u.in
The  architecturally amazing fort was abandoned long ago and when it was abandoned is a moot question The villagers, who have been living here for several generations, believe that the fort became deserted  about 300 years  ago. The local belief has been that  that the fort is supposed to carry the curse of  Natni (a trapeze artiste), and there is a "Natni ka Khamba" or called as Natni's Pillar located in the neighboring  plains area, about three km from the Fort. Villagers still cherish  the hopes of finding one day the paras stone - associated with Natini,  which is believed to be somewhere at the bottom of the lake.