Odd Islamic building - Shaukat Mahal, Bhopal

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The capital city of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India has many Islamic monuments built by the Muslim rulers in the past and stand as examples of the height of  glory of Islamic architecture and design. Shaukat Mahal is altogether a remarkable historical building, following a different style of architecture.

Shaukat Mahal is situated at the entrance of the busy chowk area  where once existed the old city of Shahjehanabad. Architecturally speaking, the Islamic building is  something of an oddity in this part of the city and the incongruity  of this structure stands out among  the Islamic  monuments in the walled city. It is rather western in its design, a fusion of Medieval  Gothic and  Post Renaissance features, a marked departure from the  traditional style. This harmoniously  combined  oriental and occidental styles of art and architecture with  local Islamic features offer quite a unique picture. Shaukat Mahal   was conceived and designed by a decadent Frenchman who is supposed to be a descendant of the renowned Bourbon Dynasty of France.
The Shaukat Mahal, Bhopal. blog.ridlr.in
It once served as the palace of Bhopal Nawab, the erstwhile rulers of   this place  and is characteristic of triangular - shaped arches  that adorn the ceiling  and the sprawling alabaster - white building is decorated  with intrinsic floral patterns on its outer walls. 

A visit to the city of Bhopal will not disappoint the tourists. The adjoining brick red building of Sadar Manzil served as a Hall of Public Audience.