Funny quotes 23

Impacting  society:
Modern day Gandhian.
Practicing nepotism, Indian style.

"Three things never fail to impact our society: Wealth of men, vanity of women and dishonest and corrupt politicians with their boodles, power and  pelf ".

easy prey to flattery.
getting flattered.

"The difference between a man and a woman is the former is an excellent flatterer and the latter is a good listener to flattery".

 Foxy humans:
 foxy woman.

Never fail to watch out for the foxy people who pretend to be nice to you and be at your beck and call.
Wait a minute, they are waiting to reap from you more than what they can".

 God's message:
Corrupt politicians keep hauling dough.
"Every time a new baby is born, it brings good message from god.

Every time a new, corrupt politician is introduced, it brings bad message from god. 
Every time a baby girl is born, it brings nice message from  god  to keep  the man in check."