Funny quotes 24

 To get the best histrionics out of two actors, one playing the hero and the other playing the villain in the same movie, the intelligent director's put the the message on the wall of the make-up room in a movie studio. One for the Hero and the other for the Villain.  The more they read them, the more  emotions they can show in  their roles. Why this message? In real life, both were henpecked and scared of their screaming wife!

Message for the prospective hero:
                         Turn the excess into success,

                    Turn disgrace into  challenge and triumph,

                    Turn doom into boom,

                    Turn dream into reality,

                    Turn promises into action,

                    Turn insults into inspiration,

                    Turn flop into success.

                                     feel like a real hero? Think about Gandhiji, Abe Lincoln and Martin Luther King!!

Message for the prospective Villain: 
opium trading in
 men who supplied opium to China from India. eastindiacompany1600-1857..........
                   Turn the difference into a divide and cause mayhem,

                   Turn controversy into crisis  & then be cool,

                   Turn boom into doom and bring in chaos & destruction,

                   Turn flop into furor and take pride in it.

                   Turn enmity into pitched battle and make the people hold  each others' throat.
                           ............. now you feel like a villain, a real bad, mean  character? To add extra punch to it, think like those East India company Bobs who made sucker out of Indians and  Chinese by selling opium to China from India or Watergate conspirator former US  President  Richard Nixon and his cronies!!