Funny quotes and humor - 26

Giving advice to wrong people:

Giving advice to punks, pimps, hobos and  nasty people is like casting  nice pearls before the dirty`pigs in the gutter".

 Getting demoted:
"I've seen people kicked downstairs before, but my Lord Rochester is the first person that I ever saw kicked upstairs". 

                                                         ------   Viscount Halifax on Lord Rochester (who was removed from treasury and made Lord President - meaning more dignified, but less important position  during the reign of Charles II time

 Peacock and English lady:
"The peacock, in all its pride, does not display half the colors that appear in the garments of a British lady when she is dressed"

                                                         ........  Joseph Addison  
Malicious Woman and man:
"One malicious woman is enough to make the members of a placid family hold each others' throat till they  croak.

Likewise, one disgusting and scheming man is enough to make so many bad people of the caliber of Iago and Brutus in one place".