Funny quotes and humor - 27

Startup hiccups & hard journey :
Small business man & harship!!
"When you risk leading a tempestuous life, say running a startup or getting into a new business venture, be prepared for the hurdles in the early stages. It is like trying to cross the Bad Lands of South Dakota on a Prairie Schooner".

infatuation and losing shirt!!
 "Infatuation is not like a real love. Soon her gleam  will become glum  for you and, for her, your loving word will become a poison dart containing secretions from  South American poison frogs".  
can a man without arms do it?
"It is prudent to give jobs  to men according to their ability. Giving a wrong job to a man is something like asking an arm-less man to hop around on a 'Pogo stick' to take care of sales"

 American Indians and European settlers:
Chief Seattle
"They made many promises but never kept but one. They promised to take our land and they took it".

                                                      .....  Indian Chief Seattle (city of Seattle, WA  named after him) about white conquerors of America.

Britain and India:

British Masters.
End of British Empire with the end of imperialism in
Indian Masters. rampant corruption.

"When the  British Bobs landed in the Indian subcontinents  as traders,  they never made promises (of plenty), but took away the lands of  Rajahs, Maharajahs, Nawobs and Sultans along  with their valuable jewels and their pride. Before leaving India for good, they divided the land and made the Indians bare every thing with little money in the coffers. Now the Indian  politicians do the same thing and divide the people in the name of castes and expand their estates".

                                                           ......   'Lament of native Indians who were born in the late colonial period'.