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Kawardha Palace, an impressive palace in  Kawardha, Kabirdham district, Chhattisgarh state located at about 140 km from Raipur, is on a plot covering 11 acres of land that has a nicely  landscaped garden. Kawardha was the capital of Kawardha State during the British rule.  The palace is on the Maikal hill range at an altitude of 941 meters above the sea level and is presently  being used as a heritage hotel for use by the visiting tourists. It is  under the management of  the successors of  Vishvarajah Maharajah  and his family who are also living in one part of the palace.  It was in 1991 this palace turned in to a hotel and Maharajah Yogeshwar Rao was instrumental in bringing about this change so that the heritage value of this palace could be  preserved and at the same time he would get enough money to main this palatial palace. Designed and built  by Maharajah Dharamraj Singh between the period 1936-39 AD, using Italian white marble and stone, the amazing place is surrounded by greenery and  scenic hills The  architecture is a blend of Italian, Mogul and Colonial styles and the  blending of  different styles makes it more impressive. The palace has several well maintained and  appointed  rooms and cottages.  The Durbar hall is a big one which is more than 80 feet in height with a huge dome and gold filigree. There is an eye caching marble staircase with marble balustrades. The zebra room  has bar and a library. The main entrance gate is called Haathi Dharwaja - elephant gate which was  a silent spectator to the  royal era of glamor and glory, royal processions and promenades. The impressively designed palace is a good example of Indian ruler's rich cultural and historical heritage that survived for a long time. A visitor to this palace will be much impressed by the workmanship of the skilled artisans of the by-gone period. The entire palace has a unique ambience  conducive to  relaxation of body and mind in the  middle of scenic hill ranges.  Not all parts of the palace  are open to public viewing. An interesting feature about this place is it is more of a private guest house with a touch of personal care and hospitality than a hotel. Simplicity is personified in this royal palace cum guest house.
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