Historical Begumpur Mosque, Dindugul built by Hyder Ali

 Islam has been around  in Tamil Nadu for about 1000 years and there  are many historical mosques and  durgahs  in this state. The Kilakarai (Ramanathpuram district) Mosque or Palaia  Jumma Palli is a good example. It was built around 628 to 630 AD in the Pandya kingdom by the early Arab traders. The Begumpur  mosque at Dindugul is  an old one steeped in history and the fascinating fact is it is the legacy of  Sultan Hyder Ali, the man who successfully employed long distance traveling missiles with heat-resistant tube in the battles against the British.

Located in Thadikombu Road, Begumpur in Dindigul City in the Southern  Indian state of Tamil Nadu is the historical 
Begumpur Mosque,Dindugul, Tamil Nadu,
Begumpur  Mosque (also called Begumpur Big Mosque) built by Haidar Ali of Mysore Kingdom. He named the mosque after  Ameerunnisa Begum, his younger sister who is buried in the mosque during 1766. It is built in typical mogul style.

The mosque is very  large, besides being one of the oldest in Dindigul. During his reign  Hyder Ali (c. 1720 - December 1782)
Hyder Ali, Sultan of Mysore.  radhikaranjanmarxist.blogspot.com
built three Mosques  at Dindigul, - one for himself for Namaz,  second  for his soldiers underneath Rock Fort and  the third  in the south of Rock Fort for public. He also gave sufficient grants  for upkeep of these places of worship.  It was in  Hijri 1187 (1766 AD) Ameer-un-Nisha Begum, the wife of Killedar Mir Riza Ali khan and the younger sister of Hyder Ali Bahadur  died for unknown cause and  Hyder Ali  ceremoniously  buried her and built a tomb in her memory in the Begampur Mosque complex.
Tipu  Sultan, first son of Hyder Ali. urshadow.tumblr.com
During the Jumma prayer on Friday lots of people visit this famous  mosque to offer namaz. The mosque has a Namaz area and tall minarets  as are common in many mosques. The tomb of Ameerunnisa, found in the first building,  has tiled roof in the fronts and a dome over the sanctum. The mosque is located behind the mausoleum. Located in the heart of Dindigul, Begambur Big Mosque is easily accessible by bus and the nearest airport is Madurai.

Childless Hyder Ali (1721-82 CE), the Sultan of the Kingdom of Mysore and his  wife Fakhr-un-Nisa  prayed  for several years at the tomb of  Tipu  Mastan  Aulia in  Arcot town, Vellore district, Tamil Nadu. As blessed by the  renowned Sufi saint,  they were fortunate to have  a male baby. The baby was none other than the  famous Tipu  Sultan, the first son of  Hyder Ali. Both Tipu  and Hyder Ali were sworn enemies of the British and had an military alliance with the French. Their association with Tamil Nadu was much closer and here in Dindigul, it is  believed, both  Hyder and Tipu resided  together for many years. Hyder Ali in 1755 donated a part of the funds  collected through taxes for the development of temples and mosques in the region. Hyder Ali helped Velu Nachiar, the 18th-century Queen of Sivagangai get back her kingdom from the British. She was in exile with her young girl under the care of  Palayakkarar Goplala Naicker for a long time at Dindigul  and had an alliance with Hyder Ali. 

The mosque is administered by  the Prince of Arcot Endowments Trust. Most of the administrative staff of the mosque are Hindus, and it bears testimony to the religious harmony between these two religions.