Kaleshwar and Takeswar Mahadev temples, Lansdowne

 Lansdowne, a cantonment town in Pauri Garhwal district in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, is  a beautiful, but remote hill station  with lot of greenery and tall trees. Founded and named after then Viceroy of India  Lord Lansdowne.  (14 January 1845 - 3 June 1927), the hill station has numerous tourist spots within the town and the surrounding areas.The Shiva temples of this area are worthy of mention.

Kaleshwar Mahadev temple:

Named after sage Kalun who did his penance here, The Kaleshwar Mahadev temple in the hill town of Lansdowne

The Kaleshwar Mahadev temple,Lansdowne. http://www.trawell.in/
is a popular place of veneration not only for the people living here, but also for the valiant soldiers of The Garhwal Regiment stationed here. This Shiva temple
is located on the banks of the River Beas.This serene, quiet place surrounded by picturesque mountains seems to have been a favorite place to meditate or go into  a trance in the bygone days and several sages or saints spent their time here meditating on God and it is confirmed by the presence of several Samadhis or tombs.

The Mahadev temple here is an old one where lord Shiva is in the form of a lingam - Swayambu. According to the legend, this place was frequented by the cowherds with their cows and on few occasions, they found their cows missing. Later, they saw them self-milking on the Shiva Lingam.After this strange happening, they used to visit the small cave and prayed to the Shiva lingam. It is believed that 5000 years ago, sage Kalun used to meditate here before the Shiva Linga. Earlier, this place was called Kaludana after the sage. The present temple was built in 1901 and later a Dharmasala was built with a view to catering  the needs of visiting devotees. The Garhwal Regiment has been maintaining the Dharmasala. Kaleshwar Mahadev Temple for a long time.  As in Shiva temples across India, Mahashivratri is celebrated with religious fervor with continuous prayers and Bhajans. 

Not only does a visit to this holy shrine give you a sense of spiritual exhilaration, but also the quiet ambiance in the surrounding places makes you feel happy and relaxed. yo. Surely a peaceful place to seek God's blessings and mental tranquility.

Takeswar Mahadev temple:

Tarkeshwar Mahdev temple 
near Lasdowne. euttaranchal.com

Takeswar Mahadev temple, located 38 km from Lansdowne at an altitude of 1800 meters in the Himalayan mountains, is also a  famous  Shiva shrine and it is being visited by lots of tourists and Shiva devotees. Located in a quiet, secluded and  unpolluted  wooded area far away from the urban madness a visit to this temple will be blissful and spiritual. 

According to the legend, a demon by the name of Takasur, a true Shiva devotee, did intense penance here on Lord Shiva. Pleased with his meditation and devotion, as requested by him, the lord gave him a boon of immortality. No body could kill him except by Lord's son. Upon getting the boon from the lord, Takasur became cruel and ruthless. He troubled particularly the peace-loving sages. As his atrocities increased day by day, with sages and the people becoming restless, they appealed to Lord Shiva and he told them that he would put an end to his menace. Son Kathikaya - Subramanya was born to Lord Shiva and Parvati; he grew up and ultimately killed the demon. Before dying, the demon requested the Almighty  that his sins be absolved for good and this place would carry his name for ever. Hence, it is called Tarkeswar Mahadev

In the early days people worshiped the Shiva Linga here. However, presently the idol of Mahadev in thandavakola or performing dance is being worshiped by the people. The idol in dance posture was discovered here a few years ago. An Ashram and a Dharmasala near the the  temple are for the comfortable stay of the pilgrims and food.