Enchanting Pachmarhi hill resort, MP

Highest water fall. Rajat Prabhat waterfalls 

Rajat Prabhat waterfalls. www.mptourism.com

India has a lot of hill stations. Ooty, Kodikanal, Darjeling, Simla , Naldehra, etc  are well-known hill stations that people visit when the heat is unbearable on the plains in the summer. The one near Indore Pachmarhi is a hill station of a different kind. It is quite known for its flora. fauna and myriad wild life.

Situated at 1100 m, popularly known as 'Satpura ki Rani' (Queen of Satpura),  Pachmarhi is  a nice vacation spot and  is the highest point of Satpura ranges. Discovered by Captain James Forsyth of the East India company in 1857, his place has numerous nature  spots, waterfalls, mountain streams, rich and rare wildlife. The amazing lush green that covers this area like a blanket, enhances the natural beauty of this hill. The legend has it the Pandava brothers of the great epic Mahabharata once visited this place during their long exile. Considered as the most popular hill resort in Madhya Pradesh near Indore, it has caves of the Buddhist  era adjacent to cool water walls. A place to wind up your worries and go into a trance  be at peace with yourself.

pandava caves. www.mptourism.com
With reported annual rain fall of 2 meters, this place is a treasure house of  the biologists as it forms a fine, rich  habitat for a variety of wild animals, snakes  and fruit bearing trees, medicinal herbs, etc. 


.. Pachmarhi  hill station is in n Hoshangabad district. It is listed as UNESCO Biosphere Reserve for its flora and fauna.

.. It is part of the vast Satpura National Park, adding its charm with several varieties of trees, flora and fauna.
.. This place is a heaven for fruit bearing trees.  In the summer you can lay on so many fruits and gobble them up  such as  mangoes, jamun, custard fruit and lesser known but very delicious local fruits such khatua, tendu, chunna, khinni and chaar.

Wild dogs, Satpura range. indianwildlife.wordpress.com
.. Because of its height 1100m, this hill station is cool. The people come here in search of pleasant and congenial weather. 

.. Rajat Prapat, believed to be the highest water falls (drop of 351 ft) in India, is  on the hill here.

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.. It was in the rock caves in the hill at Panchmarhi, it is believed, the  five Pandavas  stayed during their exile.
Sloth bears, Satpura range.www.audleytravel.com

Indian Bison. www.pinterest.com
Tiger, Satpura range. indianwildlife.wordpress.com
.. Large mammals  include tiger, leopard, wild boar, gaur (Bos gaurus), chital deer (Axis axis), muntjac deer, sambar deer (Cervus unicolor), and rhesus macaques.

.. The endemic fauna includes chinkara, nilgai, wild dogs, the Indian wolf, bison, Indian giant squirrels, and flying squirrels.

Mahadev templa Pachmarhi. www.panoramio.com
Dhupgarh, Pachmarhi www.mountain-forecast.com
.. Pachmarhi amazingly has  myriad habitats suitable for herpetofauna. You can find snakes in this reserve.
beyond Chauragarh,Pachmahi hill, Madhya Pradesh. beyondlust.in

..  Mount Dhupgarh or Dhoopgarh (the highest point in the Satpura Range ; located in Pachmarhi, it has an elevation of 1,350 metres (4,429 ft), Chauragarh (the second highest peak in the Satpura range, with Mahadev temple and a fort; the sunrise scene seen here is breathtaking; to go the top you have climb 1300 steps.), Panarpani with natural fresh water lake surrounded by  forest, B-Hill and B-Falls, Apsara Vihar, and Silver Falls are some the nearby attractions.

A trip away from madding crowd and din of city life will give you a brief respite  from stressed life and frantically chasing  dead line on your project in your company.