Funny quotes and humor - 28

Motivator and non-motivator:

"The difference between a motivator and non-motivator:
 The former being inspiring and be ready to instil confidence, will make a cripple stand up with poise, then slowly walk  and then run; the latter being snobbish and self-centered will make a healthy runner walk  tardy and ultimately a cripple".

Losing one's eyes and head:

"It is better to reign in hell than serve in heaven"  ...  John Milton

Executed King  Charles I's son King James I  said to John Milton, the poet: "Your blindness is a divine punishment for defending the 
 execution of Charles I".

Milton who became fully blind politely replied: "If your Highness 
 thinks  that misfortunes are indices of the wreath of heaven, what 
 must you think of your  father's  tragic end?  I've lost my eyes, 
 he (King Charles I) lost his head."

 Getting rid of worries:

An Indian sage was telling his disciples about getting rid of worries and problems in our daily life.
'' You can not get rid of problems fully.  Day in and day out, we have to face them squarely and there is no escape from it. Persevere and overcome your worries just like the way  a sacred cow that  gets rid of flies, etc by swishing  it tail. We can train our  brain to swish the negative thoughts from our mind".