Patriot Sri Muthu Ramalinga Thevar's fine gesture !!

Sri.Muthu Ramalinga Thevar, pasumpon
Vacnchinathan who shot to death Collector Ash

Sri Muthramalinga Thevar (October 1908 - October 1963), a great patriot, freedom fighter and a close associate of Nethaji Subbash Chandra Bose, was a man of charitable disposition. Hailing from  a very rich  family of Pasumpoon village, South Tamil Nadu, he devoted his entire life to the cause of freedom from  the foreign rule, labor welfare and social services. He was instrumental in getting the Criminal Tribes Act CTA) of 1871 revoked in the then Madras Presidency and helped numerous tribal communities, in particular Maravars who came under the purview of this act. 

Once  Sri.Thevar was on a trip to Madras (now Chennai). At Chennai, he  asked  one of his assistants to visit a sari shop in the bazaar and get a pair of  good quality 9 yard saris along with them a plate full of fresh fruits. His assistant who had been with Sri. Thevar for a pretty long time was quite confused and at the same time was curious about the saris  and their  use. Sri. Thevar was a bachelor - Brahmachari and was a man of character with spiritualistic orientation. He gave utmost importance to moral values in life and lived accordingly. Upon satisfied with the saris his assistant bought upon his request, Thevar Ayya hopped into a car and asked his assistant to come along with him. 

During the ride, his assistant, being anxious, was wondering where Sri. Thevar was heading with these  saris and what was he going to do with them. The car at last stopped in front of a lane in Mylapore, a suburb of Chennai. He hurriedly went inside the lane accompanied by his assistant with saris and fruits. He, in a jiff, got into a small house  where a woman was sitting in the small hall. No sooner had  Thevarji seen the woman, than he reverentially prostrated before her. The woman got up and stood there  stupefied as this incident happened in a lightning speed. Upon exchanging pleasantries, he handed over the plate with saris and fruits to the woman. Sri Thevar, before entering the house  kept  some currency notes between the folds in the sari. He said to the woman who appeared be in distress, "Whenever you need help, you can approach  me at any time." The woman immediately responded politely, "Already, you have given  me  enough help, actually more than I need, for which my family is indebted to you." Seconds later, Thevarji again prostrated  before the dignified woman and took leave of her.

On the return ride, the assistant's curiosity hit the brim and asked his boss (Ajamaan). 
Assistant: "Ayya, who is that woman whom we met before? May I know?"
Sri. Thevar: "My mother."
Assistant: "The woman that we saw a moment ago appeared to be Aiyar Brahmin, how come...?"
Sri. Thevar: In tears came the reply in choked voice. ''Yes, my mother, wife of Veera Vanchinathan." 
Publication of Ethayanatham may 1960, Rajaji Sri sasivarna thevar, et al
 Upon hearing this emotional reply from so great a man, his assistant realized why Thevar Ayya had been held in great esteem by the people across the region and why he stood apart from other politicians. Look at our present politicians  who are wallowing in money and self adulation with no interest in the welfare of our society. Nor do they care for the freedom fighters from Tamil Nadu. Sri Thevar not only led a  simple life without presumption but but also never failed to help those who were in distress without trumpeting his charity.

How many of us know about Vanchinathan who is nick named Bhagat Singh of South India? Vanchinathan, who was a follower of VOC,  could not brook the ill treatment meted out to him when he started the shipping company and  later  when he was jailed by the British government. He thought Tirunelveli Collector Ash was responsible for VOC' s  troubled life and his becoming broke. At last, he shot Collector Ash to death on 17 June 1911 at 6. 30 am  at Maniachi junction and later shot himself to avoid betraying his organization.
Robert William Escourt Ashe.
We are not sensitive to the fact that Vanchinathan's  wife became a widow at a very  young age and how much hardship the family had to go through after this tragedy. The family had to grope for long years, struggling all the way.

As for Thevar, being just and charitable as he was, he thought it was his fundamental  duty to help the family of a man from Thencheemai, a fellow patriot who gave up his life for the nation. Such streaks of fine gestures of Sri Thevar have made him a shinning star in the firmament. Though out his life, regardless of his circumstances, Thevarji was a Karmayogi - stuck to the path of righteousness; indeed a true associate of Nataji
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