Sitting for long periods increases risk of heart conditions

 A study conducted by University of Toronto's  Health Institute  showed a close link between the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer,etc, despite regular exercise and the number of hours one spends sitting in one place with out any mobility.
The at of sitting.
sitting long before computer is bad.
People mostly spend their time sitting before computer, watching TV and  doing routine sedentary office work.  Physical activities are a must to compensate the health risk of sedentary time that takes away many peoples' time. It is no use exercising more than 30 minutes and lead a sedentary life for more than 20 plus hours. The sedentary time should be reduced by a few hours in a 12 hour period. 

Every 30 to 45 minutes take a break and walk around briefly in the place of work. When watching TV commercials do not get absorbed, get up and move around.

Sedentary work such as office desk work, as we all know, will impact  physical and mental well being. Continuous sitting in one place may erode your efficiency and is boring. In many companies and government jobs, sedentary work is inevitable. Further, the longer you sit, the  lazier you become and you may put on additional fat around your waist that may increase your waistline.

If  much time is spent on sedentary work at office, make a commitment. No matter how serious your job is, take a break at regular interval as mentioned here. When your sedentary time is broken, it will rejuvenate your mind and body and better blood circulation that will help you continue your work afresh. A fresh start will improve your efficiency and yield better results. 

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