Words of wisdom - Sri Sankara Bagavatpada - 02

Prasnottara Ratna Malika of Sankaracharya Sanskrit EnglishSanskrit eBooks

01. What is priceless ?
That which is given at the right moment (when needed).

02. What comes along with us  like a shaft till death ?
The sin committed in secrecy. (will haunt till one goes to the grave).

03. By whom is this world conquered ?
By the person who has truthfulness and endurance. (though belated, one will be victorious).

04. In whom lies the control of community of
creatures ?
One who speaks the truth and  is kind and humble.

05.To what should one stick ?
To the right path where-in the seen and the unseen
profits abound.

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06. What is charity ?
Expecting no return (helping people without reward or accolades).

07. Who is a friend ?
One who saves from sin (in a moment of aberration, if one is about to commit a sin, a true friend will save him).

08. What do those who have destroyed 
ignorance specially urge repeatedly ?
Charity along with sweet words, knowledge with humility,
courage with patience, wealth with renunciation. These 
four auspicious things are hard to attain.

09. What is to be grieved over ?
Miserliness (he is neither of use to himself nor of to the society).

10. Which place is to be shunned ?
One  abounding  in  wicked  people  and  ruled  by  a
greedy king ( such bad things impact the people).

11. And who is  the fit recipient of the gift of food ?
The hungry (removing hunger is a great art of charity).

12. Who is to be grieved over in this world ?
One who is not a giver even when there is wealth.

13. What is to be contemplated day and night ?

The feet of the Lord, not the worldly life.

14. What is to be earned by people ?
Knowledge, wealth, strength, fame and merit.

15. Which is the destroyer of all good qualities ?
(Guru Govinda Bhagavatpada, Shankara with his guru  Guru Adi Shankara

 16. Who is the enemy ?
Lust (it will drive the man to the edge of the cliff).

17. What is to be well protected ?
Good name, devoted wife and discernment.

18. What is the Kalp?
A creeper in the world ?
Knowledge imparted to the earnest student.

19. What is heinous ?
Cruelty (cruelty to humans and animals as well).

20. What  is  more  painful  than  death  to  a  respected
person ?
Infamy. (it will push a man from sublime to disgrace).

21. Who grows ?
The humble.

22. What is good fortune for those who have body ?
Health (with good health, one can conquer the world).

23. Who is the protector of the world ?
The Sun.

24. What is the cause of livelihood for everyone?
That is rain.

25. Who is brave ?
One who protects those in fright.

 26. And who is the protector ?
It is the preceptor.

27. Who is the perceptible goddess ?

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