Words of wisdom, Sri Sankara Bhagavatpada - 01

(Guru Govinda Bhagavatpada, Shankara with his guru  Guru Adi Shankara

What is that can not be measured?
The ways of women. 
Who is the capable person?
He who is not deceived by the ways of women.
What is sorrow?
What is lowly?
Begging from those who are low.

What is good life?
That which is blemish-less.
What is dullness?
The absence of practice even in regard to  one's reading.
What is awake?
The discriminating one.
What is sleep?
The delusion of beings. 

What is unsteady like the water on the leaf of a lotus?
Youth, wealth and length of life.
Who are like the rays of moon?
It is only those that are good.
What is hell?
Being dependent on others.
What is happiness?

It is the giving up of all attachments.
What is truth?
That which is good for all beings.
What is dear to the living being?

 ...............   Bhagvatpada's Prasnottara-ratna-malikka
 ( by Jagadguru Sri Chandrasekara Sawarvati Swamigal of Kanchi Mutt) 
 Bhavan's Journel, Jyly 01, 1985. 

Additional gems from

O Lord, which is to be taken ?
Utterances of the preceptor.
What is more beneficial than anything else?
What is poison ?
Transgression of preceptor’s orders.
What is most desirable for human beings ?
Life dedicated to one’s and others’ welfare.

Who are thieves ?
Objects of sense.
Who is foe? 
It is but idleness.
What is the cause of greatness ?
Not asking for favors.
What is unhappiness ?

What is un-intelligence ?
Not repeating what is learnt.
What is transient?
The things around us - they're like the water on the lotus leaf ?