Age-old Govindaraja Swamy temple, Tirupati

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Tirupati city in Chitoor district, Andhra state  is one of the most prominent places of pilgrimage in India and it is often said that the city never sleeps since pilgrims in thousands arrive in this city day and night from different parts of India  to go to the Balaji temple atop the hill of Tirumala.  There are no Hindu families or their relatives in India who have not been to Titupati, one  can say emphatically. 

Located in the heart of the city in  Tirupati (down) is an historical temple dedicated to Sri. Govindaraja Perumal and one can not miss the impressive, majestic gopurams. - towers. It is believed to be one of the earliest temples in Chitoor district and the temple complex is a big one. The tradition has been that the pilgrims are supposed to visit this temple and the Thayyar (goddess) temple at Alamelumanga Puram, before  visiting Balaji temple up on the hill. Built in the 12 th century, Saint Ramanujar reconsecrated the idol of Govindaraja Perumal in 1130 AD. But,  the temple complex belongs to the 9th and 10th centuries. Earlier, the presiding deity was lord Parthasarathi (Lord Krishna who rode the chariot for Arjuna in the Kurushetra war).
Govindaraja perumal in yoga nithra pose, Tirupati (lower)

Sri. Govindaraja perumal is believed to to be the care taker of the enormous wealth of lord Venkateswara (lord Balaji) at Tirumala that has the highest hundial  collections - daily collectons in the world. With the collections, etc lord Balaji is just paying the interest on the loan that he borrowed from the  lord of wealth, Kubera to meet his wedding expenses with goddess Padmavati Thayyar. Here, the presiding deity - Govindaraja with his face towards east is in reclining posture (Yaga Nithra) lying on the recoiled  bed of huge Adisesha, the serpent with consorts Sridevi and Bhudevi. 
Govindaraja perumal temple , Tirupati (down). GoTirupati
On the temple complex are many subshrines dedicated to sri Andal (goddess), Anjaneya, Alwars (Vaishnavite poets), Tirumala Nambi and others. The temple towers have exquisitely made sculptures  of various gods and demi gods. inside the temple there are beautifully carved stone images  depicting scenes from the Ramayana and Sri Krishna's life.

This temple is just half a kilo meter from the railway station and Balaji temple at Tirumala is 22 km from the town. Padmavati Thayyar temple at Tiruchanoor (Alamelumanga puram) is 5 km from here.