Funny quotes and humor, 36

People at each other's throat:
Who are at loggerheads?

"Transit officials and strap hangers,
Town tramps and transvestites,
Cops and muggers,
Scalpars (barbers) and baldies,
Indian politicians and anti-corruption groups"

Government regulation galore:
"Indian Government like those world over, got the 
Indians in  so many knots , you just can not expect them
to turn around in any direction without colliding into 
another impractical government regulations. In a 
scenario like this  dominated by redtapism, each 
Indian feels like being a completely wrapped up 
Egyptian Mummy".
heaps of file in the govt.
Tirade against corruption:

"In some government offices, kickbacks and pay off
 have become so rampant and a regular affair, a few honest politicians  don the role of 'David' to fight against the 'Goliath' of corruption".
''No matter where we live on earth, seldom do we run into  blabber-proof broads, barbers and, of course, politicians. They do their might to keep the earth noise".